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Incorporating the “Less is More” Method into Your Home

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If you want a more minimalistic home, start with your "why" as the first step. Think about your motivations for desiring a more minimalistic environment and how it might support your efforts to live intentionally. Once you have a clear vision of the life you want and have determined your guiding principles, it will be plain to you which things you should preserve and which you should discard. 

A prevalent misconception regarding minimalist homes is that they require less work. Since each component should have a purpose in terms of both design and function, selecting fewer pieces really requires more thought. A minimalist home must adhere to the maxim "less is more." But it goes far beyond simply having less things in your home. The cornerstone of the minimalist lifestyle is purposeful decorating. The definition of a minimalist home is the same as that of an intentional home; it means purging your home of unnecessary material belongings and furnishing it with only the items you actually require, use, and like. 

Consider reusing what you already have

Before you buy new furniture or décor, try to reuse and repurpose what is already in your home after decluttering. Consider finding new uses for the things you already own. If you need to purchase new items, such as bedroom furniture, look for items that will satisfy you and be durable. To organise clothing in drawers, for instance, you may use shoeboxes, with smaller ones serving as separators for smaller items. 

Think about Secret Storage

Because not everything in your home should be on display, concealed storage is beneficial. Tuck away household basics like lightbulbs, wires, batteries, and paper files in elegant bins or baskets, conceal in a credenza, or spend money on a built-in storage unit to make your home appear organised, airy, and minimal. 

Continue to do the cleaning

You can continue to live simply by organising your belongings and keeping your home neat and clean. You must give whatever you choose to bring inside a place to call its own. Returning an item to its original spot saves time and effort compared to constantly looking for a new place to put it. 

Use The Right Lighting

To add additional visual appeal to a minimalist home, experiment with imaginative lighting. There are various options for modern light fixtures, and incorporating something a little more distinctive in the dining room or powder room can bring character to a minimalist home.

The importance of organising 

Since having less is the whole point of living simply, decluttering is crucial. Anything you haven't used in a while should be thrown out. Everything in your home should be either useful, beautiful, or both. 

One way for decluttering is the well-known KonMari Method, which promotes living a more meaningful and joyful life that simplicity may provide. You can arrange your possessions by category, working your way through clothing first, then books, papers, miscellaneous items, and sentimental items. 

This order, from easiest to hardest, will help you develop your awareness of what makes you happy. 

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