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How to Feel Confident in Your Body This Summer

The sun’s staying out later, temperatures are getting hotter, and you’re thrilled: summer’s finally here! However, while you want to spend your days enjoying summer fun, finding the clothes that make you feel comfortable in the summer can be difficult. On top of that, pressure from heavily edited social media posts and endless summer weight loss marketing campaigns can make us want to hide from the sun’s rays. But we’re not going to let this summer turn into a bummer! You deserve to feel good in your body during the summer months: from picking the perfect two-piece swimsuits to finding time for self-care, we’ve got tips on how to boost your body confidence this summer.


Choose Clothing That Looks Good AND Feels Good

We’ve all been there. You reach into your dresser at the start of summer, pull out our old swimsuit to find that it just doesn’t fit anymore. The best thing to do? Toss it out and get a new one that does fit! Here’s the thing: bodies fluctuate, and they’re meant to. Sizing up or down does not need to put a stop to your summer fun. Instead of making a fuss over clothes that don’t fit right, take that energy and make a trip to the store or start shopping online to begin the search for the perfect summer wardrobe. Buying clothing for the body you have will make you more comfortable: when you feel good in what you wear, you look better too!

Say “No” to Negative Self-Talk 

We know it can be hard to quiet that nasty voice in your head that says rude things about your body. But, we’re here to tell you that voice is a total troll who needs to be banished from your summer queen-dom! When harsh self-talk comes up in your head, take a moment to consider if you would ever say those same words about someone else’s body. Would you? Not a chance? Yeah, we thought so. Say goodbye to negative self-talk by letting it go in one ear and out the other. Additionally, try to substitute negative comments about your body with positive ones. Take the time to make a list of all the positive things you like about your body. Then, say them to yourself in a mirror, out loud. By practicing positive self talk, you’ll be able to stand up to that mean old negative troll voice when it rears its rude head.

Remember That Every Body is a Bikini Body

You don’t have to look like a model to wear a bikini on the beach this summer. In fact, there are only two rules for bikinis: 1) Buy a bikini, 2) Put it on and strut your stuff, babe! For too long, women have been told that they need to look a certain way in order to wear a bikini. Well, let’s just bounce that thought out of here like a beach ball! You should be able to wear two-piece swimsuits no matter your size. If you like the way you look in it, that’s all that matters. If you feel more comfortable in a tankini or a one-piece swimsuit, that’s totally cool too! Wearing what makes you feel your best is most important.

Honor Your Body’s Needs

While media outlets continue to pump out countless “how to get fit for summer” guides, the best way to have a Hot Girl Summer is by respecting your body and giving it what it needs. Yes, making time for regular exercise is important, but so is rest. If you find that you’re not getting enough sleep, or are struggling with stress levels this summer, allow yourself a break in order to give your body the care it needs. Move your body in ways that feel good, and rest when you need it. A happy body is a healthy body, no matter the size.

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Remove Stimulus that Doesn’t Serve You

Social media can be especially overwhelming in the summer months. If you’re struggling with negative self-talk, or comparing yourself negatively to others when looking at social media posts, it might be time to delete the apps and put down your phone for a bit. What others look like has no bearing on your own self worth. Your body is beautiful as is, and you don’t need to look like anyone else but you. Take a break from social media and spend time being more present in your body and doing things that make it feel happy.

In Conclusion

It can be a struggle to keep up body confidence during the summer months. However, by buying clothing that makes you feel good, practicing positive self-talk, honoring your body's needs, and removing negative social media stimuli, you can ensure that you feel confident all summer long. Your body is beautiful, no matter the season.

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