The Road Less Traveled

I have been rather restless the last couple of weeks. I have had a lot to do at work and my personal life has been busy, too. Because of it my house has suffered and when my home is in disorder, it affects me.

Last week I needed to go to Columbia to meet Ashley so we could design the wedding cake. I decided to take a new route to Columbia and boy, am I glad I did.

The highway was curvy and hilly. I love the feeling when you are really driving your car, not just mindlessly hurling yourself down an interstate at 80 MPH. I saw lovely farms, and hills of trees just beginning to turn.

This little adventure sparked another one on Monday. I took the same route to Columbia but turned off the "main" road to a smaller road that leads you a little closer to Columbia (less interstate driving). It was wonderful. More trees, but even more fun was the victorian houses I passed a long the way. Lots of pumpkins, mums, scarecrows and hay bales all over. It was serene and lovely.

So, that prompted me to take a different way to work this morning. Instead of the usual highway I took a different one. It took me through a small town known for its pumpkins. On both sides of the highway all I could see for miles were pumpkins in the field. Can you imagine how awe inspiring that was? My only regret: no time to take pictures. Its just a picture I'll hold in my memory.

Take the road less traveled. Broaden your life, put yourself in places you have never been before, even if it is just a different street than normal. I did, and it made all the difference.

Terri Steffes
Terri Steffes

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