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Potluck Friday

Check out this blog for a lot of recipes for the holidays!


The meatballs were a hit! They are all gone!

My new school likes to party and it always means food is involved. I read a great recipe over on My Messy Thrilling Life that I decided to try for tomorrow's event. Here is the recipe:

1. Buy your favorite frozen meatballs. Sorry, Brin, gotta find my short cuts!

2. Blend together 1 jar of cocktail sauce, 1 jar of peach preserves and 1 T hot sauce.

3. Pour meatballs into the crock pot, and then pour the sauce over the meatballs. Heat on high until ready to serve. You can heat everything up first and pour into the crock pot hot.

I'll let you know how they go over. I will say that the sauce is FABULOUS.

Brin borrowed the recipe from Rachael Ray. She served it over the most yummy looking pasta I have ever seen.

Have a good Friday, everyone!

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  1. I have used the same recipe but with grape jelly and we love it! I usually make a big batch of these for our family Christmas weekend and there is never any left. Have a great weekend

  2. Thanks for sharing the recipe. I will definitely give this a try. Have a lovely weekend.

  3. Anonymous1:44 PM

    Oh I think I will try this weekend as I have everything here at home to do it. Thanks Terri.

  4. Wow...that sounds so yummy! Hope it is. Let us know once you try it.


  5. Anonymous8:39 PM

    Sounds yummy...I love serving meatballs with different sauces.

  6. They look yummy! I may have to try the recipe. Enjoy your weekend!

  7. Oh yum, these meatballs do sound yummy! I've been known to buy frozen meatballs as a short cut also! lol xox

  8. This sounds yummy and easy! Might have to try it for my fam!

  9. I buy frozen meatballs for this dish and use grape jelly and chili sauce. Your version sounds a little hotter (yummy) and a little sweeter. Will definitely have to try that!


  10. These look great, and I just happen to have a bag of frozen turkey meatballs in my freezer! Next time I need to bring something somewhere, I'm definitely bringing these!


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