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Thankful Thursday

Kathleen at The Open Window (don't you love that name and all that it implies?) gave thanks for her "servants" today and I so loved the idea that I am going to copy her. So here are my servants I am thankful for...

1. My car. I drive a Honda CR-V as I drive 60 miles round trip a day to work. I love the security and the reliability of a Honda. The gas mileage isn't toooo bad.

2. My washer, dryer and dishwasher. Enough said.

3. My cell phone. What did we do without them? I feel so much more connected and secure with my cell.

4. My computer. What a job it does for me. I am writing a paper to end my degree and I cannot imagine doing this with just a typewriter!

and 5. The internet. It has saved me countless hours and helped me make hundreds of new friends. I love how connected we are to the world these days!

Go over and read Kathleen's post. SOOOOO much better than mine. She really had me thinking. God bless!

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