Jeanette Walls

I was fortunate to be able to be a guest of Jeanette Walls when she spoke to our book club at the River City Regional Library tonight. She is as wonderful as the book she wrote, Glass Castles. Her story takes us on her journey growing up. She had many experiences that many of us would be ashamed of having. She said that she was worried that people who knew her would no longer want to be around her, would not be her friends any longer. She said her biggest lesson was that people were more good than she imagined. She said she received support from unexpected places.

I wish I could write her speech here. She made many profound points. She told us about her family and how they coped with their story being published. She updated us on her mom's situation. She told us about being on Oprah.

I was impressed that she was impressed by us! She seemed humbled by her experience as a published author. She seemed in awe that all of us had read, and loved, her book. Not a snobbish bone in her body!

She mentioned she has another idea for a book. She has quit her job as a celebrity news reporter to focus on the next book. She told us that Brad Pitt's production company has bought the movie rights to her book and that a script is being written for it.

I felt like I had a nice visit with a good friend. I know all of you would have loved her, too. Read her book! And then, come join Brit on her blog, My Messy Thrilling Life in October to discuss it with her!

Terri Steffes
Terri Steffes

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