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Thankful Thursday

Today I would like to focus on my husband Bob. He is in a pretty thankless position as my husband. He seems to get the worst of me most of the time. For example, I hurt my back at school so every night for the past two weeks I come home, make a hot pad, lay on the sofa and moan. How annoying can that be?? I really don't know, since he hasn't complained about it one bit.

Last night we went grocery shopping for his school retreat this weekend. I got together the ingredients for two meals I wasn't going to get to partake in. Do you know how hard that is??? Especially for me, the eater! Then, I remembered I am not supposed to lift or push anything over 5 pounds. Heavens, I was sure that cart weighed more than that. So poor Bob had to carry in all those groceries by himself. Complaints?? Not a one.

So today I want to say how thankful I am to have a good husband who sees my worst but loves me best. I love you, honey.

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