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It's Friday!

UPDATE The California Pintos lost their last home game of the season 34-24.

Tonight is the last home game of the HS football team. Things have not gone well with them this year. The team is 1-6 with a win over a team who has not won a game yet. Since this is my first year here, I have gone to all the home games as a supervisor which has been fun, getting to learn about their traditions.

One of the things I do is sponsor an elementary kids section. We do cheers, make up funny games and start the wave. I have gotten to know my fifth graders really well. It amazes me how much food these kids consume!

Tonight is a perfect HS football night. It will be rather cool and a bit breezy. I brought my black corduroy jacket with the denim collar so I will be all snug inside my coat.

Here's to hoping the boys pull off another victory at home!

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