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Yummy Night!

It's one of those weeks where tonight is the only night when Bob and I can eat dinner together. I decided to try Cindy's Sausage and Bean Soup (Romantic Home) for dinner and boy, it was exactly as promised. This was a filling soup perfect for a fall night.

1 T olive oil

1 medium onion, chopped

Heat olive oil and add onion, saute.

6 oz kielbasa, cut into rounds

Add to onion/oil mixture, continue to saute.

Add in 4 c chicken broth and a 1/2 bunch of kale, sliced thin. Bring to a boil and then reduce to medium and cook for 10 minutes.

Add 1 15 oz can of cannelli beans, drained and 1 c good white wine. Cook an additional 10 minutes. Season with salt and pepper.

So, after dinner we had this yummy dessert. It is super simple and so good....

1 container of cool whip, thawed
1 c pumpkin pie mix, canned

Blend together. Chill and serve with graham crackers or gingersnaps or vanilla wafers. Just dip in and enjoy! Since pumpkin is a super food, I am certain this is very good for you!

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  1. Anonymous9:56 PM

    This dessert sounds so easy and good. What a great dish even for a party!! Do you add any seasonings?

  2. Bill and I are planning on trying this soup this week! Yours looks delicious too! Isn't all this recipe sharing wonderful?? : ) Your dessert looks scrumptious!! Hey! Pumpkin IS good for you!!

    Have a sweet Tuesday!


  3. OH yummy dear friend! Yummy! Shoot I wish I had gone over to your house that looks superduper! And congrats on your finishing your paper girly!

  4. Your dinner looks lovely! I saw that same recipe on Cindy's page and I told her about the variation that I have done for years. It's basically the same recipe. I just use sausage and spinach. At the end, throw in a little parmeggiano-reggiano cheese, OMG!! Good stuff!

    Now for your dessert - what size container of cool whip did you use? The regular 12 oz size or whatever or the big one? And did you put any "pumpkin pie" seasonings in it?

    Thanks for sharing!


  5. WOW! This sounds like an awesome dinner combination. Due to extreme food allergies I'm so limited to what I can eat, but I can dream!! xoxo

  6. I can just "smell" that sausage!
    I love to use kielbasa on cold, wintery nights. Just seems warm and cozy somehow.
    Becky K.

  7. Anonymous10:06 AM

    Looks great! Next time hubby isn't around and you need a partner to feed call me. I will fly right on up. And not on my broom hehe.

  8. The soup my hubby will love and the dessert, so easy, so yummy! Wonderful!

  9. that does sound yummy...can't wait to try it. I'm going to save the dessert for when a group is here. Have you ever had baked apples and kielbasi? Wow, really great...it was a specialty of my Mom's

  10. Terri, this sounds delish! It really is getting to be soup weather in Missouri!


  11. Yum-Oh! I MUST try this soup! I love soups all year long but especially in the Fall and Winter.


  12. Anonymous5:52 AM

    It's 7:00 a.m. and that soup, cookies, and cool whip look divine. Hope you have a lovely day.

  13. I can see that you are going to keep me busy with recipes! The soup looks scrumptious and my hubby is going to flip for the Pumpkin Dip!!!


  14. P.S. Question on your Pumpkin Dip... Are you talking about canned pumpkin or is this a special pumpkin pie mix?

    Thnx, KJ

  15. Wow! That soup looks delicious. I'll have to try it soon & the dessert looks good & easy.
    Thanks for the recipes.


  16. That dessert looks incredible...and easy! I may have to try this one:)

  17. Terri - this is just plain wicked! I haven't eaten all day and am starving. Those pictures are making me drool. :)

    Thanks for stopping by the blog and saying hello.

    Duckabush Blog


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