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Fall's Bounty

Bob and I spent Sunday doing a lot of yard work. All the trees were trimmed, the bushes were trimmed, the grass cut and edged, the flower beds weeded and the evergreen trees shaped. We made four trips to the place in our subdivision where we dump these kinds of things.

Our gardens look fabulous.

We also cleaned the vegetable garden, otherwise known as my salsa garden. We pulled the rotting tomato vines and gave it a good plowing. As we were completing the clean up of the garden, we came across a couple of pepper bushes that we must have missed earlier. Here is what I was able to harvest from those pepper plants.

I love having a garden. Its hard work but so deeply satisfying to pick your own tomatoes and peppers. If you haven't worked a garden yet, promise yourself that next spring you'll either plant a tomato bush in a pot or work a piece of ground to put a plant in. You will never regret your time in a vegetable garden!

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  1. ...Hello, I just happened over here from Pioneer Woman's cooking site and noticed your from Missouri too - I'm near Warrenton.
    ...Just wanted to say, "hello" and great photography too by the way! :o)

  2. I love people who have gardens.
    I wouldn't be able to keep a cactus alive:o

  3. OH terri your blog is doing super look at all those comments I wish I could grow in numbers! Hmmm...love all the photos dear friend! Love ya!

  4. Ok, I had a lot of catching up to do this morning. The pictures (now showing, lol) are beautiful! From the colors of fall, to the swap, to the peppers - all gorgeous in color.

    Due to the way our house is situated, we don't get full sun in any part of our yard unless we planted a garden smack dab in the middle where the kids play. I have to come up with something. I want a garden so bad!


  5. you two want to come and clean my yard and gardens? LOL Have a great weekend!

  6. I would like to have a huge garden someday...I had a wee one years ago and I loved puttering around in it. sigh....someday.

    Of course you can borrow my Peanuts stuff...I just gleaned them off the web anyway.

  7. My grandmother always told us that she felt closer to God in the garden than anywhere else. I have to agree! We have some lovely seasoning peppers and peas...of course collards and brussels sprouts...and it has been raining for two days...how wonderful! We needed it so badly. Your peppers look good enough to eat, lol

  8. MMMMM- those peppers look absolutely lovely! We love people with gardens, visiting others gardens, looking at beautiful photos of other's gardens. Now our own gardens...that's another story!!! LOL

    kari & kijsa

  9. Anonymous11:25 AM

    Ohhhhhhhhhh, I love peppers! So much so, that I gapsed at your photo. LOL, and to have a "salsa" garden, now you are talking my language! Gardening with your hubby sounds great to me. It's amazing what getting out in that dirt, amidst the growing things, can do for us, isn't it? Have a wonderful day! Hugs. :-)

  10. I wiah I could garden but I think I have a black thumb! Please send me your mailing address and what color combination you would like your journal for the pay it forward so I can get it in the mail to you.
    Thanks so much!

    Love the fall pictures! We don't see alot of those colorful trees down here.

  11. The peppers look great!
    I have a few from a friend's garden to make into stuffed peppers. I plan to share with both of our moms since the rest in my own household do not care for them.
    Becky K.

  12. That's like a bowl of gold, with the current price on green and colored peppers!!!! Way to go... Enjoy.

  13. Anonymous4:25 PM

    Sounds like what I'll be doing this weekend! How lucky to still find some producing plants!


  14. As you know, I also have a large veggie garden so I know how you feel about yours...a lot of work but so satisfying to grow your own veggies:-) xox

  15. Such a beautiful photo!! Nothing is prettier! We do not have the space to do much more than on the deck cherry tomatoes but we are thinking about renting a small area of the community garden. Grace loves the idea. My Mom and Dad always had a huge garden. We would enjoy it's bounty all year in both fresh and frozen and canned!

    Have a good weekend. Please stop by my blog...I am taking you to the NYC of 1956!! *grin*


  16. What a gorgeous photo! Simple but oh so pretty.

    Have a wonderful weekend.


  17. Oh Terri,
    You make me want a garden again so badly...you are so right about how wonderful it is to pick from your own garden and make dinner with the bounty! We now live on a tiny lot (60x100) and our house fills most of it (because of the pool and deck), so sadly, we cannot have one :( Yours sounds lovely though, and you must enjoy it very much!!

    Thanks for always being so kind with your comments when you visit my blog. You deserve every nice award you ever get!!!!!


  18. Those look great - I am getting heartburn just looking at them though.


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