Family from Afar!

Aunt Rogene (Atlanta), Mom and Uncle David (Illinois)

Tammi and Uncle Jim (Atlanta) Jim is such a talented man, both in the sciences and the arts. He can draw, play music, create things from wood, and he's a high school physics teacher!

The two sisters!

Rogene, mom, me, Tammi and Ashley, the Holt women!

My aunt and uncle from Atlanta are in Missouri for a couple of days. This is my mom's sister. She doesn't come up often so we all made the trek to Marceline to see her.

Ashley and I drove up together from Columbia. We talked about the wedding and the caterer called me on my cell so we finished up some details. It was fun!

When we got there, my two cousins and their children and spouses were already there. My aunt and uncle from Illinois were there and my sister, her two sons and her two grandkids were there. It was quite the full house but it was soo fun!

My family loves music! So it was natural that the mandolin and the guitars came out while we were together and we were treated to some wonderful bluegrass and other music genres. I don't know if you can tell or not, but the mandolin was made by my cousin Chris. He makes cellos for a living.

The four of us, Bob, Ashley, Eric and me all drove back last night. Four hours of driving sure wears you out. Lucky for me I took a .5 day of vacation this morning!

Terri Steffes
Terri Steffes

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