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Seven (more) things you don't know about me!

Sandy at Dream, Create, Inspire tagged me for this fun game! You are all gonna know everything there is about me!

1. My two toes on my right foot stay numb all the time after an accident I had when I was 10.

2. I love the color hot pink. I don't tell anyone, though. I always answer that my favorite color is red, which is true. My daughter once described me as a hot pink couture Versace gown.

3. I love ham and beans and sweet cornbread.

4. My last meal would be my mom's homemade potato soup with buttered toast, if I was in prison and had to chose.

5. Once I decided not to be a doctor, I had seven different majors before I decided on education.

6. I think my left foot is smaller than my right foot.

7. My right ear is pierced twice.

Nothing earth shattering but probably something you can get a laugh about! I'd like to ask EE from Life Unscripted to tell us seven things about her. She is a hoot! You will want to check her answers out!

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  1. I'm wondering what you think you might have to go to prison for?

  2. Anonymous10:52 AM

    I love ham and beans, too. :) Reminds me of a home on the range campfire kind of meal. Did I tell you I drive through Jefferson City on my biannual trek back to Kansas each year?

  3. Dr Terri has a nice ring to it. 7 majors?? I didn't even want to go on to college for one (and I didn't, now kicking myself.)


  4. Hi Terri,
    Thanks for participating. Great answers! That meal sounds yummy.
    Have a great week.
    Sandy ;)
    PS WILL mail your tile tomorrow ~ I told you I was a procrastinator ~NO, I have just been so busy I haven't made it to the post office this week. SMILES

  5. I don't know how you arrived at Lakewood Manor, but I just moved from Lakewood, CA. I even had relatives, at one time, in Lakewood, CO.

    Your daughter is a beauty! She and her beau make a very cute couple!


  6. Ham and beans....yummmmm! Would you believe I've never had cornbread? It's not something you hear much about of around here and they certainly don't serve it in restaurants...my mom has told me, though, that while growing up on the farm, her mom would make it quite often! It was fun learning more about you:-) xox

  7. Great list Terri!!!!

    Blessing to you and your day!!!

    How are the wedding plans comin' along???

  8. Hello Terri...I enjoyed your 7 things!

    My daughter was Pre-Med at Semo, when she started there in 1982. She finished with Chemistry and is a Research Scientist, but not in the medical field.

    I have a couple of numb toes, too...from injuries.

    I loved your decorating Hallowe'en decorating.

    I understand your blue funk. That sometimes comes my way, too.


  9. No beans allowed in this house....ok, twice a year when my husband makes his chilli...it takes the rest of the year to get the house aired out:o
    What kind of accident????


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