Gold Rush! Football MISSOURI style!!

Missouri played Nebraska on Saturday night. Any true son of Missouri knows that this is the biggest game of the year, regardless of what came before or comes after. Nebraska brings thousands of fans and it is a constant battle to see which side can boost their team more. Missouri did it right, even the fans got kuddos from the coaches and players in the after game show.

Tailgating is serious business, especially for the Nebraska game. Those Cornhuskers come into our territory and set up tailgates in our parking lots. Heaven help them.

Heaven help those MORE who invite Nebraska fans to join them, as we did this weekend. Two of Bob's friends joined us which we received MUCH heckling from the Mizzou fans around us.

We arrived at our site around 5:30 AM. Yep, AM. Bob cooked us breakfast around 8, after we finished setting up. Here is our tailgate set up and our car, with our identifying flag, so our friends can easily find us!

Bob also cooked lunch: steak bites with bloody mary sauce. Yum. Bob's friend Marc joined us for lunch, along with a couple of good cigars!

Ashley's fiance and her sorority sisters all came for dinner. Just in time to meet our friends from St. Louis who are staunch Nebraska fans. He drives a cool car, so the girls forgave him immediately!

And last, here is the stadium with a sold out crowd of 70,039. Cool, huh?

Terri Steffes
Terri Steffes

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