Halloween Memories

I grew up in a household that loved Halloween about as much as we loved Christmas. We'd start planning our costumes just about when school started. We were very creative and often used things around the house. We didn't have the money to buy store costumes but I remember one time that we did and how we hated the masks and the itchy costume.

One year I was "everything but the kitchen sink". I wore a black sweatshirt and black tights and pinned all kinds of kitchen utensils on me. I think I won my class award for that one. I was also a bunch of grapes once, blowing up purple balloons and pinning them all over.

Tuesday night is the showing of The Great Pumpkin. I LOVE THIS SHOW. I remember my dad making popcorn and letting us have pop even though we'd go to bed right after the show. I don't think I have missed a year of watching it!

Tomorrow is Round 2 of Parent Teacher conferences at my school so I will have to tivo it. I will stay up to watch it, or maybe I will save it for Halloween night. Whatever I decide to do, I will be perfectly contended to sit on the sofa with my sweetie with some popcorn and pop and watch Linus try to convince his friends of the Great Pumpkin.

I can't wait.

Terri Steffes
Terri Steffes

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