The Big 5-0 Continues....

The staff at my school know how to have a good time and my birthday was the perfect excuse to celebrate!

A bulletin board in the office annouces to all who enter that something is going on... and then all 600 students sing Happy Birthday to me in our Morning Assembly. It was TOO COOL.

The cake was awesome! The icing was pure black... it turned your teeth, tongue and lips black, too! It was great fun!

And, why not trash the principal's office while we're at it??? Balloons were in places that balloons shouldn't be. Can you see my sash hanging on the wall? I wore a sash all day that announced to the world that I was 50 today!

Although not planned, a special bonus was seeing my former assistant principal Jeff! He stopped by to see us on his way home from Columbia. He looks like he planned it, doesn't he, wearing black like the rest of the office and staff did today!

I couldn't have had more fun! The office staff made lunch for me and all came down to eat together and socialize a bit. It was nice to sit together and chat!

Terri Steffes
Terri Steffes

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