I think I am a little wacko...

...seriously, I do.

Last night I was at home trying to order my new cell phone. I have had my current cell phone for three years and it was on its last breath. In fact, I have been giving it mouth to mouth reccessitation for months. I have been online with my cellular company every day this past week unable to make the decision of which phone should be the one to grace the bottom of my purse.

Has this ever happened to you: you want to buy something... let's say it is a cell phone. Every where you look, people seem to have really cool cell phones. So you start talking to them about their phones. You hear pros and cons. After awhile, all of them start to blur together...

Then you are on the computer, making yourself make a decision. You have selected three phones, NONE of which are the phone you orginally thought you wanted. Your husband is at an all school party which means he will not hear HIS cell phone and your daughter is spending the weekend with her HS friends. Your son in law is in class. In deperation, you close down the computer.

Immediately you realize that you cannot walk away from this situation. Choosing a cell phone cannot be this hard. What can you do??????

Do what I did... I called my brother in law, Gary, who is a CPA and the most single level headed man I know. His calm voice and his simple answers to my questions, got me right back on track. I rambled for four minutes telling him I could not choose a phone. He listened and then asked me a couple of key questions...like, what did I need in a phone? So, with his patience and good will, I am back to buying the phone I started out to buy a week ago. It's ordered... and I only had one more decision to make that I knew Gary could not help me with....which was... what color should I buy?

Here's what I got--

Terri Steffes
Terri Steffes

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