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MU vs KSU (we won!)

Mizzou spanked KSU yesterday at a bitter cold game. The score of the game looks closer than it really was.... KSU was able to score a couple of touch downs with our second/third strings in.

I left at halftime to sit and warm myself up in the car. Bob and Eric lasted the whole game. When I woke up this morning I had wind burn on my face. It will look so lovely on Monday morning when I go to school. If kids don't run screaming from school, I will be quite surprised.

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  1. Oh a win must feel so nice about now! :D

    Yes, yes, add me to your list and thank you.

  2. Yay! I hadn't heard the turn out the game yet since we don't have ESPN!

    I hope your wind burn heals quickly! :)

  3. whew, I bet you had a chilly evening huh? I'm too much of a baby for that. I saw a bunch of tiger fans coming thru Macon yesterday. I figured that's where they were headed with their tiger tails coming out of their trunks!!

  4. GO MIZZOU! Jude and Jordan went to the game too. They said it was cold walking around before the game and after to the car, but sitting in the stadium wasn't too bad. I think they had fun. Hope you did too!

  5. Only men would stay out there the whole time no matter how cold (or wet) it is! LOL

    I'm still getting sun burned and you're already getting wind burned!


  6. Congratulations on your win! College football is priceless.

    We are sad in Penn State Country.
    We lost our first game of the year.
    I am convinced it is because we had to go to music practice and weren't watching to "coach" from our couch! lol

    Thanks for stopping by. I have been swamped with candle orders and the kids' various schedules.

    Becky K.

  7. Go Mizzou!!! And don't you two just look all snuggly cute!!! :-)

  8. Go Mizzou!!! And don't you two just look all snuggly cute!!! :-)


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