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Our "Family" Thanksgiving!

Bob and I have always liked to have our own mini celebration with Ashley at each holiday. With her being an only child, we felt like she could easily feel that she didn't have family traditions if we always waited to do things with her extended family.

So here we are, doing our "family" Thanksgiving! We did have our meatloaf, three cheese macaroni and cheese, baked sweet potatoes, and hot rolls dinner, with individual cheesecakes for dessert.

Ashley served up our first course of tomato basil soup. I created my own recipe, since I didn't have on hand everything that the original recipe called for. Here is my recipe:

1 15 oz can fire roasted tomatoes
1/2 medium onion, chopped
2 T olive oil
1 26 oz can tomato soup
1 15 oz can chicken broth
1 c whole milk, half and half or heavy cream
1 T dried basil leaves

Saute the onions in olive oil until soft. Add tomatoes, cook until the juices seep out of the tomatoes. Add the tomato soup. Mix in the chicken broth. Heat til boiling, then reduce heat. Add in basil, crushing in palm to release oils. Right before serving, stir in milk.

It was a huge hit with Ashley, who loves tomato basil soup!

Our thanks to Chef Bob! I tried to get him to form the meatloaf into the shape of a turkey, but we were afraid that it would scar Ashley for the rest of her life!

Tomorrow we are traveling first to my mom's (Marceline) and then to Bob's family's gathering (Macon) so I will probably post late about our family Thanksgivings. We are shopping at the Black Friday sales, so I am sure a nap will be in order on Friday afternoon!

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  1. Have a blessed Thanksgiving!!

  2. Your meal looks so delicious. Happy Thanksgiving to you & your entire family, enjoy your time together!

  3. Wonderful photos of your Thanksgiving minus the usual fare. Sounds like my kind of meal! Your recipe for tomato soup sounds heavenly and I will be trying it one day.

    Have a wonderful time with both sides of the family tomorrow. You're brave people to head out on Black Friday!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

    And big head fluffing to Wilson and Truman!!!


  5. Anonymous7:45 AM

    Hi Terri and Bob!

    It's been nice for me to catch up with you the last few days. I was so glad to find your blog once again!

    My Hubby and I recently decided we really love the Progresso Tomato/Basil soup...but, I bet your recipe is even better!

    Have a lovely Thanksgiving!☺

  6. Hi, Terri, Happy Thanksgiving today! Ooooo, I love tomato basil soup & have a great recipe from a restaurant that I make, it's yummy.

    My DR wall color is by Kilz (at Walmart) & is called Vesuvian Garnet. I've really enjoyed it a lot!

    Have a great day! xoxo

  7. I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving! I love your big soup tureen.

  8. Your menu sounds SO good. I copied down your soup recipe as we love tomato basil!! Will make it when Bill gets back from Florida!

    Your Thanksgiving sounded like a sweet one...I am glad it was lovely.



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