In the Dining Room...

I concentrate a lot of the Thanksgiving decor in the dining room. I always love opening the french doors into the dining room and seeing the room decorated and filled with the scents of spicy pies, roasting meat and yeast rolls!

My grandfather Joe Oliver made this barrister cabinet years ago. My grandmother kept her beautiful nativity scene here. I love it in my dining room. It is fun to fill with seasonal goodies!

I love statues of pilgrim men and women. I am careful not to start a collection, though! I am easily swayed into buying things I already have so this is my one and only set.

I don't have a china cabinet so I use these display cabinets for my china. My grandfather Raymond Holt, purchased this china for my grandmother during WW1 while he served in England. It is from Sheffield.

Ok, so I do have another little pilgrim statue but this one is different in that it features a pilgrim man with his little girl. This is one piece, too, not separate pieces like the one above. I know, I am pathetic.

Terri Steffes
Terri Steffes

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