An embarrassing moment....

I don't how I get myself into things like this... I think it is Kat's fault from Just a Beach Kat

As an elementary principal there are so many things that can happen that I try to find ways to help me in whatever moment I might find myself in. For example, I love to wear skirts, but sitting on the floor with the kids gets downright ugly in a pencil skirt. So I started wearing the more full peasant type skirts which are quite comfy and sorta in style.

So, ONE of my embarrassing moments comes when I sit down with a kindergarten class to listen to the morning message. I tuck my skirt around my backside and slide down to the floor. After a couple of moments, I felt a small tickle on my leg, so I brushed my hand across it. Again, I felt the tickle but it was more intense. I kinda knocked my hand on my leg, trying not to distract the students from their teacher. Then I felt something grab me! I frantically slapped and slapped and slapped at my leg. Pretty soon I hear this tiny voice say, Mrs. Steffes, stop hitting me! WAAAA!

It seems that a little boy was putting his hand up my skirt to rub my leg. I found out later he does that to his mom and his teacher. It was totally embarrassing to explain to the mom why I was beating up on her little boy!

Another moment involves the same skirt... my skirt inadvertently got tucked into my granny panties and I guess I walked down a hallway like that for a while...

Terri Steffes
Terri Steffes

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