Trim the Tree Thursday Part 2

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Our Family Room is decorated in a retro (50s) style. When my sis and I were growing up, we heard all about the 50s as my mom and dad both graduated from HS during that time. Tammi and I had an aluminum tree and I thought it was beautiful, but I think I might have been the only one. My sister found this tree and a working color wheel and gave it to me for Christmas one year!

The santa on the heater was the Santa that was in our house while growing up. I bullied my mom into giving it to me. That was after one year that he didn't make it up in her house! I cannot imagine Christmas without him!

The tree in the background is decorated with colored lights and all the family ornaments. We have photographs of family members who are no longer with us on the tree. These ornaments go back to our childhood and most from our lives together. I think it might be my favorite tree in the house.

Bob's parents owned a grocery store while he was growing up. His family owned the store for more than 100 years! This coke machine was in the store when they decided to sell and retire. Bob asked for it and got it!

The tablecloth on our yellow formica table came from an auction. The work is hand done and is full of sequins. The table came from the parish where Bob served as altar boy! He had a few meals at this table!

Hope you enjoyed the tour of our Family Room!

(photos from 2007)

Terri Steffes
Terri Steffes

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