Thanksgiving Tablescapes

Every year I want to decorate my Thanksgiving table with a tablescape that enhances our dining experience but does not overwhelm the table. I am on a mission to find that look for this year!

In previous years, I have learned a lot about what works for us. Here is one of our early attempts when we first moved into the house in 2003. It ended up being too tall for the short women who eat at this table, but it was beautiful nonetheless!

Candles are always beautiful. The pillar candle was a hazelnut candle that ended up being a bit strong while we were eating. We tolerated it but didn't use scented candles on our table ever again!

This pumpkin was carved with our inital. We all loved this look!

This assortment of pumpkins worked very well last year. I just used what we already owned. I had received the jack o lantern as a gift and wasn't ready to put it away yet!

Terri Steffes
Terri Steffes

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