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Some Favorite Ornaments

Kat, Just a Beach Kat has inspired me to post about some of my favorite ornaments. That was like choosing a favorite child! But here are a few that sparked my interested this year...

We have a gold and white tree in our living room. My friend Zoe made ornaments like this one for Bob for the three of us. I love these ornaments because it reminds me of Zoe and our good times together!

Upstairs in the study we have a tree of ornaments that we have collected of all our travels. It is fun to decorate this tree and remember all the places we have been. This ornament is from the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Summer Games.

Downstairs in the family room we have a tree that we put all our family ornaments on. This ornament came into my possession when a dear PEO member passed away and we were invited to take a souvenir from her home. I chose this little ornament and a little plate. The ornament came from Italy when she traveled there.

This is on the family room tree, too. I like it because it was made by the four neighbor boys across the street. They are little urchins but this ornament reminds me that they are just doing what comes naturally for boys...

This is it for now... later I will post ornaments from our dining room and the kitchen trees. Bob has just pulled out boxes and boxes of Christmas stuff I didn't use and told me I needed to go through these and pull what I don't want anymore...

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  1. Hi Terri,
    I enjoyed looking at your favorite ornaments and reading why they are special to you!

    Thank you for stopping by to visit me and for your sweet comment on my closet reorganization...I appreciate it!

  2. Anonymous8:24 AM

    I love this post. What a great idea. I might have to do one, too.

    Enjoyed seeing your Thanksgiving post and the Black Friday post. The girls picked up a couple things for me at the sales. Just about finished and ready to start wrapping!

  3. ~Beautiful~ Love the one with Bob's name. :)

  4. Thanks for playing along Terri. I can see why these are favorites. I'm still decorating.

    Happy Sunday Hugs!

  5. Have you ever read the Best Christmas Pageant Ever? Your comment about the neighbors reminded me of that very funny but touching story. We read it every year.

    Becky K.

  6. What a nice thing to share! The urchins did a tremendous job on that ornament.

  7. Urchins...heh heh. I'm going to have to remember that term, as I have 3;)

  8. Thanks for sharing -- I love visiting people during the Christmas season. The whole blogging world has made visiting even more fun!
    Feel free to visit me at my blog, too!
    I'm afraid my decorations are not as far along as yours at present.

  9. I loved looking at your favorite ornaments! We are trying to decide what to do this year, Patchouli is only about 2 months old and into everything, I hate to think about what she will do to our tree!!

  10. Such wonderful ornaments with so many memories behind them:-) I wish I had a bigger house so that I could put up 2 or 3 trees for all the ornaments I have! lol xoxo

  11. I love seeing the special ornaments of others...and we have the little Olympic man too! : )


  12. Love this post, Terri! What a great idea, Kat! I'll have to do this, too! I cherish the ornaments I've collected over the years - so many hold special memories for me :)

  13. I love looking back on our decorations from years past and remembering good times. It looks fabulous and reminds me of the old time Christmas movies. Thanks too for your service to our country! We love our veterans and current military people! God Bless all of you.ornaments

  14. I love this post! I love looking at people's ornaments and hearing the meaning behind them...I did that the other day at a friend's house (she had ornaments from 50-60 years ago). It's so personal and special.



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