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Thanksgiving Menu

We have a tradition in our family not to serve a traditional Thanksgiving meal in our home. We have turkey and the fixings at both my mom's house and Bob's family's get together. Our primary reason, though, for having a nontraditional Thanksgiving meal is Ashley, as she simply despises Thanksgiving food. I mean ALL OF IT. Turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, stuffing, pumpkin pie.... nothing tastes good to her. She eats noodles and rolls at my mom's house and nothing at the Steffes' house. She tells them she is full from my mom's dinner!

At our house this year we are contemplating having Irene's meatloaf, Bob's macaroni and cheese, smashed potatoes and cauliflower and Pioneer Woman's green beans. I might make some cornbread to go with it. Ashley hasn't decided on the appetizers or dessert yet. Any one else out there go with a nontraditional meal?

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  1. That's really pretty funny. At first I thought what is wrong with that girl, but then remember my absolute hate for roast beef. At least you get Thanksgiving food elsewhere. Strawberry Shortcake is an nonThanksgiving as you can get!!

  2. I'm afraid we are terribly traditional...all the way to pickles and olives.

    I love my Grandmother's sage stuffing but since she lives in Virginia I haven't had that in years.

    Becky K.

  3. Anonymous6:12 AM

    We have, many times, done non-traditional Thanksgiving meals.

    One year, I remember well. When the girls were middle schoolers, they decided we should only have foods, at Thanksgiving, we produced ourselves. I canned, froze and otherwise preserved foods, in those days and we butchered our own beef. Everything, including the pumpkin pie, was from our growing and preserving efforts. It was one of the best and most rewarding Thanksgiving meals, I ever prepared.

  4. I just want to make a comment about this post. Everything my mom wrote about my taste for Thanksgiving food is true. I don't like any food that was ever associated with Thanksgiving. I think something very traumatic occurred as a young child that I subconsciously associate with the food at Thanksgiving. When I tell people this, they like to start naming foods. Please don't do this. Chances are, I already don't like it. But if I do like it, please don't associate it with Thanksgiving or by next year I may not like it. (Just kidding...my dislike for Thanksgiving food is strictly traditional Thanksgiving food.) I think meatloaf is a good alternative to Turkey.

  5. I'm with Ashley. Thanksgiving food is not my favorite either. I'd much rather eat the turkey the next day on a sandwich. And pumpkin pie is YUCK! But, I'm guessing we are going to have the traditional meal here. Have fun! We will miss seeing you guys!

  6. Hahahahaha...well, that was a shocker! Quite frankly, no one can go wrong with Ree's Crash Potatoes...they're fabulous.

  7. Nope, sorry Ash, but we're traditional all the way - although I don't eat the turkey, but I do love all of the sides!

    It just wouldn't feel like Thanksgiving to me to eat anything else!

  8. We love non traditional...we have steak, or lasagna or such on Christmas! Often hav ham on Thanksgiving. Grace and Dan are huge tirkey lovers so always ask for turkey, even if it is just an extra small one! : )

    I think the non tradiotional menu sounds sooo good.
    And look how pretty YOU look standing there!!


  9. It all sounds good to me! This girl isn't picky. I have always have all the good ole traditional foods, though. Susan

  10. After years of going from one home to the other in the family...on Thanksgiving day...we've started JUST having one tradtional meal of turkey and all the trimmings on Thanksgiving day. If folks aren't able to make it that day...then my sister and I do a Mexican FEAST usually the Saturday after or before Thanksgiving...b/c after all we don't want to get "turkeyed" out! It's a big hit around here...so much so we started doing the same for Christmas. After you've gone to one or two homes or have fixed the massive feast at your own home...the last thing you want to do is go somewhere else and eat more Turkey...or at least that's how I feel!


    Noodles and rolls...she sounds like one of my nephews...too funny!

  11. Um, I'm more concerned about when I'm going to see this magical Mac & Cheese recipe by Bob? Help a girl out, Terri!


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