Meet my Husband!

I decided to join the Meet My Husband party that is being held by Living Locurto. Go check out her blog! So here's Bob....

1. Bob was born and raised in a teeny town in Missouri called Wien. It is hard to find but the people who live there are very proud of this German Catholic village. There are 40 actual residents but a large community of Catholics attend St. Mary's there.

2. We met in HS and became best friends while he was dating other girls and while I had a serious relationship with another boy. We "found" each other one summer after my traumatic break up and while he was single (for a brief moment!).

3. As long as I have known him, he was single minded about being a teacher. The only question was: English or Math? It really used to annoy me that he could have a choice... I was only good at science. He taught for 15 years before going into administration. I remember it was a difficult choice but now he's been a principal for 15 years and he's a natural. He made it look so easy that I decided to become a principal, too.

4. Bob is all about these cop shows that are all the rage. He watches Numbers, CSI (all 30 versions, ok, so I exaggerate), Cold Case, Law and Order, and many more. We have to Tivo all the stuff he likes to watch.

5. He is a natural athlete but is very hard on himself. He plays basketball, golf, tennis on occasion and liked rugby for awhile.

6. He is a fabulous cook. If he was trained we'd call him a chef. He does most of the cooking, even on the holidays. I like to bake but we both agree that I shouldn't since we are watching our weight.

7. HE DOES THE LAUNDRY without me asking.

8. He listens to weird music before going to sleep. Like Enja (is that spelled right?) and other wacko music. It drives me nuts.

9. He is a huge MU fan, through thick and thin, and even when you can't tell exactly where they are... Mizzou has a lot of ups and downs and isn't as consistent as he'd like them to be. He loves his Tigers!

We've been married for 31 years and I am sure it is due on large part to his very patient personality. He is quite forgiving and seems to like me most of the time. He is a great dad to our daughter Ashley and has taken to Eric, our new son-in-law as well. Sometimes I think he likes Eric more than me.

I hope you enjoyed meeting the Bob of the Bob and Terri blogspot!

Terri Steffes
Terri Steffes

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