Sweet Awards!

Kat from Just a Beachkat passed these delights on to me. Thank you so much! I will be passing them on a bit later!

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  1. Very nice, Terri...
    have a blessed day.

  2. You're so welcome. You deserve them both.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. You do deserve these. You have been a busy poster lately too. I thought of you yesterday. Mom and I headed to Osage Beach to do a little shopping yesterday. When we drove thru Jeff I wondered where you were and what you were doing. Then when we got to the lake I wondered if I would run into Pat from Back Porch Musings. Isn't this a fun/small world kinda thing. In a million years I would never thought I'd be blogging about anything.

    Anyway, come over to visit. I am tagging you about weird books. Kinda fun.

  4. Congrats!! You definitely deserve these!!!


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