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6 Alternative Uses of Sushi Boat Serving Tray

 When we think of Japan, Sushi is the first thing that strikes our mind. It is their favorite authentic food that you can get at every home, at all restaurants in Japan. The style of presenting sushi has changed over time, but sushi boats have been an inseparable piece of Japanese culture.


What is a sushi boat?


Sushi boat trays are small-sized wooden boats that are light to hold and easily kept on a table. It replicates traditional Japanese fishing boats. People use it to serve sushi or other fresh appetizers.


The look and texture are so good that you can't resist putting your chopsticks on them. To get the best sushi boat serving trays, click - https://www.sushi-planet.com/top-5-sushi-boat-serving-trays-2021/  

Six alternate uses of Sushi Boat

      Commercial use

Sushi boat trays come in different sizes; they are widely used in restaurants or street-side stalls to serve sushi and other dishes. Besides, it also provides enough space for sashimi, hors d'oeuvres, appetizers, or desserts.


Hence it becomes a versatile plate. Its beautiful design becomes an attention seeker when kept on the table. It represents the food as more delicious than it is. Because of wood framing, they are extremely lightweight and easy to carry.


The way you represent food shows your status and wealth. What can be better than using Sushi boat trays as serving plates? Wooden structure keeps it easy to carry, and you can easily move from the kitchen to the dining table or vice versa.


Even kids can help you with this. Plus, it has a detachable deck that makes cleaning easy. Boats are painted with non-harmful wood lacquer that keeps it like newly bought and prevents water and grease.


      For occasions

These sushi plates are incredibly designed to match real fishing boats while providing an area to keep food. It adds a unique touch to the food theme presentation. Apart from bamboo-styled boats, there are plastic, grass; brass made boats that give you more flexibility to choose from.


Additionally, they are painted in various colors. Hence you can use it for functions, parties, or any special events.


      Decorative purpose

The boat tray has a slatted design with well-engraved details. Place it on the tabletop, on the counters, or kitchen shelf. Combine it with candles or flowers and let it impress your guests.


It works as a decorative item as it shows you have high food presenting skills. Also, these plates are strongly built, hence can be used for indoor and outdoor purposes without any harm.


Yes, you can keep a sushi plate in the bathroom to keep hairpins, rings, and all those minute things that slip off while showering. You can also use it to keep potions, gel, or serum pouch.

      Dining Table

It becomes bothersome to find condiments and placemats amidst having food. In this case, a serving tray can hold these items for you so that you can pick them up whenever in need. Also, you can keep dry fruits on it. Therefore it serves you without creating a mess. Your dining table looks super tidy!

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