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Thins I am Looking Forward When the Pandemic is Over

Has anyone else feel like they have cabin fever after the last 18 months? Since the lockdowns began in most parts of the world in March 2020, we have been limited to what we can do. However, with the rollout of the vaccination program has started to lift restrictions, parts of the world are opening for business again. Although we all can’t experience world travel just yet, there are things we are looking forward to doing again.

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Visiting People

Throughout the last 18 months, we have had to limit the number of people that we come into contact with. Dropping by to see a friend unannounced is a thing of the past. Many people are now uncomfortable about seeing people outside of their little social bubbles. As people are getting vaccinated, people can start to call on each other for company. The random meet up for a cup of coffee isn’t the end of meeting people outside yet. It will be a few months before everyone feels comfortable with everyday visits.

Birthday Parties

Who would have thought that we would have missed birthday parties so much? For some people, being at a birthday party is the best thing ever. It doesn’t matter how old you are, some people thrive at a party. ‘However, if there is one thing that we won’t miss, it’s people spitting and blowing all over the birthday cake as happy birthday is sung. It looks like we may have to think about what we celebrate at peoples parties. We also will need to think about the types of activities that we do for our kid’s parties, as certain things are just filthy.

Shopping Trips

We can all agree that online shopping has been a lifesaver over the last year and a half. However, it’s not the same as the real thing. At the minute, non-essential stores are opening up again and we can buy stuff in store once more. Numbers are often limited inside the store and mask mandates are still in place. Many places still have their changing rooms shut so we can’t try things on to check the fit. Will it ever completely return to normal? We hope so.

Day Trips

In place of a full holiday, we have to make do the alternatives or have to deal with no travel at all. But the alternatives are still keeping us locked at home. Days tips to our local area to visit an outdoor attraction are high on our lists of things to do. Some places have started to slowly open up and allow small numbers of pre-booked visitors to come and visit them. This is a great sign, especially for the kids. This summer, treat your local area as though you are on holiday and see how many places you can discover to visit. You might be surprised at the variety available to you.

Afterschool clubs

Afterschool clubs are one thing that a lot of people are missing. Not only are the kids missing out on educational opportunities, but the grown-ups are also missing out on some childcare. You have to remember, many people are working from home and having to work around their kids being in the house for homeschooling. Afterschool activities such as football are considering restarting as they can be held outside. But others, such as art clubs, can’t be reopened until they know the virus can’t be spread in the classroom.

Dining Out

We know you can dine out at the minute in certain places if it is outdoors or limited seating, but it’s just not the same. Before this all happen, if you went to a restaurant you would be met with an atmosphere of joy. The room heaved with the smell of food and the sound of fun. This community atmosphere and the feeling of a shared experience was one of the things that make dining out an experience. Yes, the food and service had a lot to do with it too. Without the atmosphere, the experience just feels sad.


Going to a concert is another community event that brings a group of music lovers together. Whether it is sitting in an opera house or dancing in a muddy field, there are certain things that are better done together. I think it is safe to say that many people will be booking tickets to see their favourite artists as soon as they can. Even if you don’t head out to watch a concert on a regular basis, you probably have an urge to do it now. As wonderful as seeing our favourite artists perform online for private concerts online, it just wasn’t the same as seeing them live. For concerts, we definitely need that atmosphere of other people to fully enjoy it.

Shielding People can go out

We all know someone who has been shielding over the last year due to a health condition making them vulnerable to the virus. This last year has been really tough on them as they have been on house arrest for their own safety. Now, they are getting the opportunity to leave their homes after they have been vaccinated. For some people with immune disorders, they will have to wait until herd immunity has been reached before it is safe for them to resume life with the rest of us, however, this shouldn’t be much longer.

Taking the bus or train

One group of people who have worked tirelessly in the community are transport workers. Without these guys and gals. Many people rely on the bus and train services to get to work, and without them, the country would have ground to a halt. At the moment, anyone who doesn’t need to use the bus and train shouldn’t. That doesn’t mean we haven’t missed the enjoyment that comes with a bus or train. Maybe we just miss being driven around by someone else, or maybe train rides are fun. Whatever the reason, we can’t wait to show our tickets and hop on board again.

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