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Which Gemstones Are Compatible?

 Colorful gemstones sitting on a tablecloth.

Even in ancient times, people believed that gemstones have heavenly powers. Because of this mysterious power, astrologers recommend wearing them for spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical protection. They may allow people to wear some gems together while suggesting others not to wear certain combinations. 

The compatibility of the gems depends entirely on the ‘friendship’ between planets. Anyone can wear two or more gemstones simultaneously if they represent planets that have a favorable relationship. If it is the opposite -- a conflicting relationship -- it is better to avoid or never wear those gemstones together.

You must recognize the powers and beliefs behind these gemstones before you wear them. Learning them gives you more knowledge about the best and worst combinations. Read about the meanings of purple gemstones and other colors before buying and wearing them to maintain good luck and avoid bad luck. 

Here is a list of gemstones you should never wear together to avoid bad luck falling on your lap. 

Quartz and Pearls, Moonstone, Opal

Those three latter stones are incompatible with quartz, so it is best to avoid wearing them together. The compatibility of gemstones greatly depends on Hindi lore. According to it, Rahu and Ketu should not be placed beside each other. The quartz also represents half of the malicious binary, which is incompatible with pearls, moonstone, and opal.

Saturn stones and Mars, Moon, Sunstones

If you have a Saturn stone, never try to wear it with stones associated with Mars, Moon, and Sun. These stones are known to have a high incompatibility with Saturn stones. Blue sapphire stones are highly incompatible with well-known non-mineral stones such as pearls and corals, as well as the fiery ruby. 

Sunstones and Saturn, Venus stones

As mentioned previously, Saturn stones are very incompatible with Sunstones. This is also the exact reason to never wear the Saturn and Venus gemstones with those stones related to the Sun. 

Gemstones associated with the Sun are antagonistic, and they cannot unleash their full potential when mixed with stones with vibrational frequencies. You should keep your fiery rubies away from sapphires, diamonds, garnets, and Cat’s Eye.

Venus, Mercury stones, and Jupiter stones

These gemstones’ case is similar to the previous one, the Saturn, Venus, and Sunstones. Gems with antagonistic forces are significantly incompatible with sapphires and emeralds. It is wiser to wear the three stones individually to let them utilize their own energy.

Which gems are compatible?

Many gems are compatible, as long as you follow the stones’ terms of compatibility. Some great combinations are pearls with corals and rubies because these stones complement each other. Diamonds could be perfectly paired with blue sapphires, emeralds, and grenades. Cat’s eye is also a great partner for blue sapphire. The Sunstone ruby has excellent compatibility with Italian red coral, yellow sapphires, pearls, and emeralds. 

Gemstones are believed to deliver you good luck due to their heavenly powers. However, you should be knowledgeable about the stone before you wear them together. They all look great and are powerful on their own anyway, so that you can wear them individually.

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