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Surround Yourself With These Things for Inspiration

 We all struggle for inspiration time by time. There is nothing wrong with that, and it’s not uncommon. However, it is in our power to change such a state of mind. We can take the situation in our own hands. Inspire yourself by using the things you find motivating. For example, the way you decorate your living or working space matters a lot. These spaces should be your number one helpers, gaining confidence, comfort, and inspiration to work and create. Hence, you should try to discover what those inspiring things can be. Put them around you for comfort and reminder of your goals. Here are a few examples of things that can inspire you. Pick something on that list, or think of your own things for inspiration.

Books citations

What creative person doesn’t like books? This is where we find most of our knowledge about the world and our role in it. We all have books that changed our lives, worldviews, and mindsets. These are the books that leave a deep mark on our personalities. The citations from these texts can bring us back to when we first read them and realized the deep truth hidden in simple lines. So, print out, draw, or write by hand those lines and hang them somewhere over your desk to see at any time.



Family photos

For the luckiest of us, our families serve as a great source of support and inspiration. These are the people who took great care of you when you were still young and vulnerable. Just the memory of those happy times should inspire you to create. Who else, if not our family, can show us the support and love that we need? Their trust in us can motivate more than anything else.

Overall, our families should be the best encouragement to fulfill the potential we have. Hang some of your favorite family photos on the walls, or put them on your desk. These photos will always support you in the hardest of times. They will also remind you why you are doing what you are doing.

The photos of creative/talented people

Often, we seek inspiration from people who have pursued and succeeded in life tropes similar to what we desire. These talented, creative, and successful people show us that anyone can do what they did as long as they work hard enough. Use their lives as your inspiration. Hang their photos or famous works to look at when in doubt.

Most artists, writers, actors, and people of other professions will choose an inspirational example in their work field. This person will motivate them to work harder and never give up. We should all have at least one person who can inspire us by their life or career. Thus, we can truly believe in our goals and dreams. What’s more, none of these people could reach their success without struggles. Hence, their life stories also remind us about the necessity/inevitable or hardships along the way.

Place you wish to visit

Many of us get inspiration from various places we have visited or have always wanted to visit. These places play a big role in our lives. Somehow they speak of all the beautiful things we can do there and all the positive feelings we will have once stepping into that land. We all have places that we find very dear to us. This can be the first childhood house that you have never forgotten. It can also be a place far from the home that you have never been to but always feel the drive to go.

It’s interesting how we find a deep personal connection with places; however, it is true. This connection means a lot to us. Such places can be a great inspiration for us. Just looking at the pictures of them, we can feel the boost of creative energy and motivation. Hence, if you have a place like that, you should definitely add it to your decor.


An affirmation is a piece of text that should inspire you and give you positive feelings. These are often the ideas, thoughts, or motivational lines that give you the strength and confidence to go on with your life, work, and desires. There is no specific way of how information should be written. These can be one sentence affirmations or whole paragraphs of text that you like to repeat in times of doubt.

You can write affirmations yourself or find them online. Maybe even find some essay help online. They can write you beautiful brief texts full of affirmative thoughts and ideas. Once you have the affirmations that inspire you, put those positive thoughts somewhere you can see them. Read your affirmations aloud whenever needed. 

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  1. Chef Dennis4:17 PM

    These are really great tips! I will keep them in mind. I have done some here and it really gives me so much insporation.

  2. Yes! I love this list. I have tons of family photos around me on the walls.

  3. It's good to always be surrounded by positivity and things that help encourage you on toward achieving goals.

  4. It's good to always be surrounded by positivity and things that help encourage you on toward achieving goals.

  5. Richelle Escat9:25 PM

    I always find that pictures of my family is so inspiring, that's why I put my nephew's young picture on my desk.

  6. Scarlett Brooklyn12:12 AM

    I agree to all these and I actually do write quotes and display it as a wallpaper on my phone..So inspiring.

  7. I know a lot of people have inspiring quotes to help them stay motivated. However, I love your suggestion of including photos and art work.

  8. Family photos is definitely giving me an inspiration and a strength for not to give up and it is giving me a strength to continue my purpose in this life.

  9. Family photos is definitely giving me an inspiration and a strength for not to give up and it is giving me a strength to continue my purpose in this life.

  10. I have a long list of places to visit. I can’t wait to get on flights more freely again

  11. These days are really hard for most of us due to the pandemic and these are absolutely great tips to be at least stay positive despite what's happening around!

  12. These are all good points for staying inspired. I love having family photos up around the house!

  13. I had a pull to the state I live in when I was much younger. I came here and loved it. I left for awhile and when I came back I vowed to never leave again. It's still my favorite place in the world.


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