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Don't Tolerate That Creepy Old House Vibe

Everyone knows what the creepy old house look is. Remember when you were a kid and there was that one strange, old, creepy house on your street or in your neighborhood? It had jagged edges to it's gate, the garden was a mess, the driveway seemed to be bathed in dust, pollen, dirt, and the house itself looked pale. Yet, it wasn’t abandoned, there was someone living in it. You thought to yourself if that’s what it looks like on the outside, how on earth does it look on the inside? If you want to have children in your street look at your home this way, ignore this, and carry on. If you want to avoid looking like that even in the slightest, here are some things you can do for your home.

Pale and stale

When your home is looking pale and stale, there are some things going on. Firstly the color has faded due to exposure to direct sunlight. This shouldn’t really happen to homes that have been properly made, but even homes that are just 10-20 years old can have this issue if they were not finished correctly. It may have been due to the quality of paint, the lack of layers, or perhaps the unlucky positioning of being directly in the sun’s gaze for most of the year. Regardless, to no longer tolerate your home looking stale and pale, you can use Under Pressure Soft Wash and Power Washing. This is whereby a pressure washing solution and tool will be used to clean the outer layer of your home without damaging it. The dirt, debris, dust and pollen will be blasted off the surface, leaving a smooth texture that can be painted on. Then select the same or new color of your home and paint it again for a new look.

The jagged gate

If your front gate is a little crooked and jagged, you should try to fix it or replace it altogether. You can do this by buying boards and either cutting them down to size or having them cut by a professional carpenter. If it's just jagged, you can do a quick repair. By measuring the jagged cut into the wood, you can make a small replacement piece that can fit into the gap and then be painted over.

  • Measure the gaps or holes in the wood
  • Find the same type of wood that your gate is made of.
  • Clean the area of debris, dirt, and any creatures that might be hiding in there
  • Sand down the area so it provides a smooth surface for you to stick the piece on
  • Sand down the piece of wood you will stick in the gap or hole
  • Using specific glue, stick the piece in, making sure it's a dry day and no chance of rain
  • Remove the excess glue that has spilled out the edges
  • Paint over the piece to merge it into the gate

Overgrown garden

One thing to do to an overgrown garden is just kill everything. It may seem harsh but spreading weed killer everywhere can give your garden a fresh start. It might be a couple of months before anything grows back but it shall be greener and healthier than what was before.

Not to mention, the garden will be easier to clear once everything has died or wilted. Weeds especially need to be given the harshest treatment as they have evolved to withstand almost anything. A weed killer that has biocides is better, as you want to kill the weed completely and not just on the surface. Herbicides are strong too but again, they tend to not penetrate as deeply as biocides. The key is, however, to use a mixture. First, use the herbicides to kill the top layer of overgrowth and then use the biocide to penetrate into the soil and kill the weeds and overgrowth with minimal resistance.

Night lamps

One way to finish off your new look is to hang lamps outside your front door. This will give off the seemingly nonchalant look that the home is occupied and looked after. These lamps are for porches and that can only mean, your front door is able to be seen from across the street. It can be seen by the whole neighborhood. This psychological change from a dark and stale home is a subtle and important shift.

Don’t be that creepy old house that seems uncared for and almost abandoned. Start off by cleaning your exterior and then repainting it now that you have a smoother surface.

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