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Gastro Tourism: Where to Go This Fall

 Tourism no longer means booking tours that presuppose visiting historical places and shopping. More and more people have become obsessed with food tourism. It’s also known as gastro or culinary tourism. In general, it’s another good way to get acquainted with the country’s history and heritage. Food is more than just a way to meet the needs of the body. Tourist agencies specializing in gastro tours usually create lists of the most popular cafes, food courts, restaurants, serving national dishes and beverages. However, it’s not necessary to book the ready tour in the agency. We advise you to check the list of destinations below and start your own international gastro tour. Be sure you’ll get many new impressions from this trip and will share your emotions for a long time.


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1.   Japan — Niseko

It’s impossible to dislike Japan— it’s unique land. Oriental culture has numerous fans, and it’s not surprising. Japan is an amazing country that seems to be in the 22nd century. The level of technological development here is outstanding. And people manage to successfully move further, respecting history and traditions. The Niseko Autumn Food Festival usually takes place in September at Hilton Niseko Village. Even though the 2021 Festival will be only the fourth in a series, people consider it important to visit. This festival gathers the best restaurants and bars in one place and lets them demonstrate what they can do.  You can learn more about all things Japan at fly japan.

2.   México — Oaxaca

It’s difficult enough to identify the most culinary region in Mexico because the whole country is full of good places to visit. But we finally decided to include Oaxaca in this list. Its subtle food attracts hundreds of travelers each year. We hope you understand that your international gastro tour won’t be full without Mexico. The key ingredients in Oaxaca food are avocados, local cheese, meat, and various herbs. It’s up to you to choose bars and restaurants in Oaxaca — they all serve delicious dishes. All we want you to remember is the names of dishes you should try: empanadas, chile relleno, carnes asada, tetelas, memelitas, and of course, tlayudas. 

3.   Spain — Basque Country

It’s an autonomous region located in the north of Spain. It can boast of rich culture and interesting traditions. By the way,  Basque Country has a unique language. We call it unique because it doesn’t belong to any known language family. This region has plenty of Michelin restaurants: ALAVA, Zaldiaran, Kokotza, VIZCAYA. Do your best to visit at least one of these restaurants. However, there are many other places where you can try Basque food: bars, food courts, and less known restaurants. Here are the most popular dishes in this region, making locals feel proud of their homeland: grilled meat and fish (Bacalao pil-pil, Marmitako), pintxos (tapas), cider, and sheep’s cheese. 

4.   Ireland — Belfast

Its national cuisine has plenty of iconic foods to try. No matter what city you want to visit, you’ll certainly find some good places to eat there. People in Ireland adore lamb, fish, and all kinds of meat. It’s impossible to imagine the day of an ordinary Ireland man or woman without a tasty soup. The key characteristic of Irish food is simplicity. And even though their dishes are easy to cook, they taste great. We advise you to visit Belfast to get acquainted with Ireland food because the number of outstanding restaurants here is off the charts: Ox, Mourne Bar, Coco, House of Zen. It’s easy to find a place that suits all dietary requirements, so if you eat vegan food or have an allergy, Belfast is the best city for you because you won’t stay hungry here.

5.   South Africa — Cape Winelands

This cuisine can’t be called fully indigenous because it was influenced by many European cultures. However, this mixture is what makes South African cuisine unique and special. There’s no point in visiting South Africa without trying local foods. Cape Winelands is famous for its wine, but it’s not the main reason we want you to visit this region. People here like meat, so the most important dishes to try are boerewors (beef sausages), braai (barbecued meat), Cape Malay curry (chicken curry), and biltong (air-dried meat).

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  1. I would love to visit Ireland. This would make a graet fall trip.

  2. You have some great spots here. We'll just be staying in the area since the kids have school!

  3. Richelle Escat10:27 PM

    Thanks for these suggestions. I'm looking forward to explore one of these places, hopefully.

  4. Scarlett Brooklyn12:13 AM

    Japan or Ireland. I'm always so enticed with those two. Thanks for suggesting.

  5. My son is headed to Japan next month and he has complied a huge list of restaurants to try. They have such amazing food there.

  6. These sounds like great places to visit and tour. Someday I hope to travel more and visit such exciting places.

  7. I've been to Mexico and the other places look fun too! Thanks for sharing.

  8. These sound like some amazing places to go and explore. I have to admit I often go on holiday in autumn rather than summer.

  9. Looks like these are all nice places to explore! I wish to visit a lot of places in the future and these countries are all on my list.

  10. Love these destinations! Food is such an important element on out trips! Thanks for these suggestions!

  11. I am always fascinated with the people and the culture of the place South Africa, would love to visit there when we can travel safe.

  12. Great suggestions! My husband is a foodie and absolutely obsessed with food tourism. I'd share this info with him 🙂

    Everything Enchanting ❤️

  13. Couldn't agree more! I will definitely love to go to Belfast. A friend of mine always boast their foods there haha I can't wait to finally visit her and do some gastronomic hunt.


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