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THE Best Road Trip Planners


A road trip with friends is one of the best ways to relax. Feeling the natural breeze of nature, passing by beautiful sceneries, and just spending time with the people that matter. It's like an escape from the pressures of reality.

But isn't it annoying when your excursions are delayed because you don't know where you want to go or when you are stopped in traffic when you expect the day to go as smoothly as possible? Unlike before, you can now actually have a route plan that would guide you in reaching the accurate spot in the most efficient manner. You have to install a good planner application on your smartphones or tablets, identify your destinations, and you're good to go!

We've compiled a selection of the finest online road trip planners to assist you in planning a smooth and pleasurable travel with your family and friends.

Route4me Route Planner

What's best about the Route4me planner is that it can accommodate a better number of stops than other route planners. Other applications would offer you a two-point stop navigation system. With route4me, you'd be able to reach your desired destinations without mapping them one by one, as they will all be optimized in just a single click. 

No need to worry about getting confused as well because each optimized route, may it be with more than two destinations, is packed with all the necessary information such as the map pinning the area you would like to go to, an accurate and easy-to-comprehend route lines, and the pre-calculated driving (and even walking) directions.

If you're someone who enjoys stopping around many attractions or shops as you continue your trip, this might be the perfect application to help you!


This road trip planner is one of the most accessible applications and is quietly one of the most well-known. Well, we understand what the hype is all about. Roadtrippers is best known for its ability to help you plan the destinations of your trip, all while collaborating with your family and friends. 

You can ask for their opinions, where they want to go, what type of trips they have in mind, and the stops you all will be making. This application will let you see beautiful tourist attractions beforehand, such as the nearby hotels, parks, and other stop-worthy views you and your road trip buddies can surely enjoy.

Need not worry about spending money on this application as the essential functions of Roadtrippers is free for all - anyone can access it and download it through their android or iOS phones. There is a premium membership for those who would like to upgrade their experience, however. But, if you're tight on the budget, the free version is guaranteed to be thoroughly and competently functioning.


If you're planning on a local trip and just want to explore more of the area, Waze is the perfect application for you. This trip navigator provides constant updates regarding the traffic jams and other possible reasons for a delayed travel time by collecting data from different sources. It will enable you to avoid these destinations so you'll have a safer and faster trip. After all, you're taking a trip to unwind and know more of the place, not to get stressed out because of heavy traffic. 

Waze is free software that can be downloaded on both Android and iOS devices. It's accessible, easy to use, and gives you all the necessary information to ensure an efficient trip.

With these online road trip planners, you can experience an enjoyable journey with less stress and more fun. So, if you're planning to go out on the road with your buddies, make sure you're all geared up with the application of your choice.

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  1. This post is really informative, I love going on road trips.

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  3. These apps would be very useful for my next road trip. I like that it gives the information that I need.

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  5. Richelle Escat1:24 AM

    Waze is so convenient. I've been using it for a while now

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    I'm far from traveling again.But I'm glad to knoW about these apps.

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    I'm not really using any apps like these since I just ride along with my friends when traveling. But it's good to know all these

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