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How To Make A Home Feel Bigger Than It Is

 Whether you have a small home or not, maximizing its space will help make the space appear larger and more welcoming. Achieving maximum space will allow you to create a relaxing and appealing home. Simple tweaks can make your small spaces feel larger. Here are some tips.

Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay 

Add things to the walls

Having lots of stuff on the floor that doesn’t need to be there will eat up the space. For instance, having standing clocks is not a great way to maximize your floor space. You could add Carved Wood Wall Clocks instead of using standing clocks to still watch the time yet maximize the space. 

Likewise, standing pictures and mirrors up against the wall will eat into the floor space and make the room feel smaller than it is. 

Add mirrors

Speaking of mirrors, they are a great way to bounce light around a room. Enhancing the natural light will create a sunny and bright home, which will help the space appear larger than it is. 

Use as many mirrors or mirrored objects as you can use to maximize the feel of the space by enhancing the light. 

Take down window coverings

Window coverings are used to block light. Thus, taking down window coverings means that you can allow as much light to pass through as possible. 

Any blinds or curtains that are not used will soak up the natural light. If they are not used or simply hinder the light, then take them down and enjoy as much light as possible. 

Add bright lights

When the evenings draw in, you are left with very little light. To ensure that your home always feels as big as possible, you will want the bright lighting to last as long as possible. 

Adding bright lights to light up your home in the evenings, or on darker days, will ensure that your home never resorts back to feeling small and enclosed. Adding the lights to the ceiling will maximize its potential and not eat up any floor space. 

Use multi-purpose storage space

Storage space is another great way to maximize your home. You can use it to store stuff away and free up floor space. 

To make the most of your storage, you could add multi-use storage options. For instance, using an ottoman bed means that you can use it for resting as well as storing your goods. If you lack wardrobe space and often pile up your clothes on the floor, you can use the under-bed storage instead. 


Speaking of piling up items, you might find that you have way too much stuff when you look around your home. If you have a lot of stuff that you don’t use or need, then get rid of it.

Decluttering your home will free up floor space and storage space, which means that you can maximize your floor space and have less to display. The less you have in your home, the more room you can have for relaxing. 

Large windows

Older homes tend to have smaller windows. They were built this way and often lack natural lighting. 

To maximize the potential of your windows, you could enlarge them to enhance your natural lighting. It is incredible how much more light you will receive by adding larger windows. 

Floor-to-ceiling shelving

Shelving is a great way to display and store your stuff and not take up floor space. To make the most of your shelves, it will help to increase the space. 

Floor-to-ceiling shelving means that you can utilize the whole wall space and store as many items as possible. 

Use light paint colors

The lighter your paint at home, the bigger your space will feel. Using whites and creams will reflect the light and ensure to open up the rooms as opposed to making them feel small. 

Using light paint colors throughout the home on the walls, door frames, cupboards, and small accents will ensure to maximize the space as much as possible.

Be smart with the flooring

Being smart with the design of your flooring will help open up the space and make rooms appear bigger than they actually are. 

For instance, if you are tiling your floors, it can help to create diagonal lines. These create an illusion that the room is bigger and creates a modern and minimal look. When you are choosing the flooring color, make sure to remember the light color rule. The lighter the floor, the bigger the space will feel. 

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