Craft (room) Closet

Laura at Decor to Adore showed us pictures of craft rooms today. I thought I would add her link here so you could go and visit her ideas, too!

My craft room used to be located in an unfinished room in the dark recesses of my basement. While it was roomy and cool (a definite must for this 50 year old...) it was NOT inspiring at all!

One day while in my study, printing pictures from the computer that I would carry two flights of steps down to scrapbook, I looked up and saw the nice sized closet as if for the first time... and realized that it would make a "cozy" craft room. I didn't even tell Bob, I just started emptying out the file cabinets that were in there and relocating other items that were stored there. Then I went out and purchased some fabric for the poles and started organizing. This is the end result!

I have had my craft closet for nearly two years now and I love it. The closet is located close to my computer and printer and has made crafting a bit easier. It is prettier, and therefore, more inspiring for me.

On occasion my craft closet looks like this: but I recently reorganized so it looks like it does above!

Terri Steffes
Terri Steffes

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