Kitchen Scrubbing

Manuela's posts about cleaning her kitchen motivated me to do the same. I have a lot of guests coming through the house in February and I knew I needed to get to some deep cleaning.

I love my kitchen sink! It is a extra wide sink with no center bar which means a full sized cookie sheet will fit into it. I love that! I kept my old faucet when I replaced the sink but after seeing Manuela's I have added a new faucet to my list of needs and wants!

I love my red countertops! With my oak cabinets and wood floors, they are really very cool looking in my kitchen. I have mismatched appliances which doesn't bother me, but I eventually want to replace the microwave above the stove to a white one and the dishwasher is going to get a cover of tin ceiling tile soon!

Does this happen to you? As you are trying to clean, SOMEONE decides to make a pot of Pasta Figoli soup?? and gets in your way?? and messes up your kitchen??

How many coffee pots does one guy need?? I put away the grinder. I love my Longaberger basket. Thanks for the inspiration, Manuela!

Terri Steffes
Terri Steffes

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