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Kitchen Scrubbing

Manuela's posts about cleaning her kitchen motivated me to do the same. I have a lot of guests coming through the house in February and I knew I needed to get to some deep cleaning.

I love my kitchen sink! It is a extra wide sink with no center bar which means a full sized cookie sheet will fit into it. I love that! I kept my old faucet when I replaced the sink but after seeing Manuela's I have added a new faucet to my list of needs and wants!

I love my red countertops! With my oak cabinets and wood floors, they are really very cool looking in my kitchen. I have mismatched appliances which doesn't bother me, but I eventually want to replace the microwave above the stove to a white one and the dishwasher is going to get a cover of tin ceiling tile soon!

Does this happen to you? As you are trying to clean, SOMEONE decides to make a pot of Pasta Figoli soup?? and gets in your way?? and messes up your kitchen??

How many coffee pots does one guy need?? I put away the grinder. I love my Longaberger basket. Thanks for the inspiration, Manuela!

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  1. Oh how nice it would be to have the ability to put an entire cookie sheet in the sink! With all of the things that get baked around here I am constantly washing cookie sheets.

    The sprayer works...but I get wet too!

    Your kitchen is a fun kitchen...and, hey, are you complaining that someone was cooking for you? Your husband sounds like a great chef.

    Have a fun day today, Terri!

  2. Terri...love the red counter tops. I bet it feels great to have it all cleaned. Take a minute to stand back and admire your work.


  3. Looking good! I, too, love my white sink with no divider. I'll never return to a two-sink system again. This post is going to require a follow-up when you get the metal ceiling tiles placed on the dishwasher!

  4. Are you really complaining about dad COOKING? Yum!! :) I've never seen your kitchen so clean! I'm glad you took pictures so we can remember this day.

  5. Terri, your kitchen looks super....so clean and those red countertops speak to me!!

  6. Oh it looks so good. Love the red countertops.
    Your comment on the ole blog totally cracked me up today. :)

  7. You gotta love Manuela...I did the same thing after reading her post...I cleaned out my pantry and re-arrnaged thing in the kitchen....God bless her...Have a good week...

  8. I want to see that dishwasher with the tin makeover! And, when my kitchen is in perfect condition I can get a little batty if someone messes it up .....

  9. Your kitchen is so COOL!! I love and it looks very clean to me!

  10. My next Home Improvement will be a deep sink with no center bar and a new tall faucet! I've been planning it for months, lol!~ Love your kitchen!

  11. Anonymous12:35 PM

    Well I'm glad I could help :-)

    It looks great! I really love those red countertops (I love red anyway) but they really look fabulous and I love the cute wallpaper boarder with the chefs (are they holding wine bottles?).
    I love my sink with no divider too. It's great for soaking big roasting pants. Yes, I love, love my gooseneck faucet. It makes it easy fill tall pots (but I see you can pull yours out so you can do that easily too).

    Your valance above your sink is so cute too (lucky you, you have a window)! Good job - It feels good to have that done. Now on to the bathroom (just kidding)!


  12. Anonymous6:25 PM

    I notice that little container on your window sil, did it hold a muffin mix, I got one as a gift at X Mas ???

    Kathy :)

  13. I love your sink and your red countertop too!!

  14. Anonymous6:53 PM

    We're home from the lake, Terri and I need to so some spiffing up in the kitchen here!!

    We had some sleet before we got back from our doctor, this afternoon. He's at St Luke's Chesterfield, between 40 and 50 miles from us. We heard the ice is going along the same line it did 2 years ago(south). We are to have about 8 inches of snow, at most. They canceled the retiree's monthly breakfast at the electric company. It was to be tomorrow...sounds like they are expecting quite a storm.
    Stay safe and warm!!

  15. There's just something about a clean kitchen. I love the red counter tops. I believe there should be a little red in everyroom or a lotta!!!

  16. You can't have too many coffee pots and I love your kitchen. It looks like the heart of your home.

  17. Love love love your red counter tops. Soooo cheerful. Wait...someone was cooking while you were cleaning? Oh my! Girlfriend, don't ever complain about your husband cooking. Just wish my could!


  18. When are you coming to do my kitchen?????

  19. Terri, I love your red counter tops, too! Gee, you'd think "someone" thought the kitchen was cooking...making soup when you are busy taking pics, huh? LOL Take a pic of your dishwasher "before" you dress it up...that would make a great "Before and After" Met Monday post! :-) Thanks so much for the sweet comments you leave...truly mean a lot! Susan

  20. Hi Terri,
    I love your red countertops and your warm inviting kitchen! Thanks for the nice comments on the headboard makeover. Cindy

  21. Your kitchen is so cozy! I love those red counter tops...very cheery. The dishwasher make over will be awesome, can't wait to see.
    THANK YOU for being a loyal reader of my blog! (((((U))))) DebraK

  22. gee whiz your kitchen is so vivacious! what fun!!!

  23. I love your red countertops! I have red cabinets in my familoy room and loved them. Red is so warm--like a great big hug!

  24. Red countertops would actually work in my kitchen. The cabinets are the same size as yours...hmmmmm. maybe the landlord will let me paint them.....


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