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I could use some decorating advice...

I am going out on a limb here and posting pictures of my master bedroom. It is a work in progress but as usual, I get started, without a plan, and then get stumped on what to do next. Here's what is up for now...

First, this is a panoramic view of our room...

This is a new bedspread... a green plaid that seems a bit more "cabin" than I anticipated, but I do rather like it! I changed my green brocade style curtains with a red twill which I feel works well, but I am not sure whether I like the pulled back look for them. Next, I love my matelasse bedspread at the foot, but is it too neat?

Then, there is the art. I have a very modern art piece on the wall. I certainly do not need to have it there at all. If I remove it, what would be an appropriate piece there, or should there be anything?

Ok, the next thing... look at these accessories. Most of these are things collected over time, and sentimental, but are they appropriate? Sentimental things can be moved to a more appropriate place! Here are some close ups of the accessories... I have a lot more of the Thomas Kincade cottages, too, if that helps any!

And last, is anything missing from this room? A rug, a chair?

WAYYYY to scared to put this on Rate My Space, I need the loving advice of my blog friends, thank you very much!

in response to some questions...

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