Girls Night Out!

I had a wonderful time last night with my Girls Night Out group. We ate at a locally owned restaurant (Domenicos) and had a wonderful waitress. It is an Italian restaurant that has great food. Marsha couldn't make it and we all missed her!

My focus word for the year is HAPPINESS. Last night I was full of it! (Happiness, that is, don't get fresh). These girls continually remind me that life is for living, celebrating, enjoying...

Ashley just got back from Cabo San Lucas, Joey is directing a HS play, Denise is elbow deep into volleyball, Tambra is planning her daughter's beach wedding, Charlotte has middle school student council who just raised $400 for a benefit. Yet, here we all are, making time for one another and having a ball doing it!

Terri Steffes
Terri Steffes

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