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Eagle Watching

Bob and I drove to the Lake after we drove to Columbia to watch the California boys basketball team lose to the Moberly Spartans. We went to Bagnall Dam to watch the eagles along the Lake.

Here are a few pictures that I got that I am proud of! I wish I could say I had any talent (other than cropping!) for photography but really, its just how good the camera is!

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  1. How beautiful and peaceful it looks there. It reminded me of the time we were up in the mountains on vacation and were wading in the middle of a shallow
    creek. All of a sudden there was a graceful flight over our heads. A bald eagle was following the creekbed. So neat!

    Thanks for bringing back that memory. I love your photos!

  2. Anonymous7:08 AM

    Wonderful photos, Terri.

    I am trying to figure out where you were. I think I have it figured out. Perhaps we'll take a drive over, today or tomorrow, unless we get the Alberta Clipper or whatever it is the weather guys are saying. It's certainly cooler this morning, than it was yesterday!

  3. Very nice photographs. You're blessed to have the eagles; I've got the turkey vultures. ;>

    Nice photo of Bob, too, checking out the magnificents.

  4. You are so lucky to see eagles so close to home.
    In the summer at the cottage we hear falcons but do not have eagles in Ontario, not that I know of anyway.If we do it will be a stray bird who just wandered off the beaten path. that's me too, and how I found you.
    Lovely site.

  5. What an awesome sight an eagle is...and to have them so close to your home to be able to see is wonderful...
    xo bj

  6. Good Morning and Happy New Year! I found you on Pat's blog and just wanted to say hello. My mother lived in Buffalo, MO for many years - right on the Niangua River and so much of my life was spent visiting her there. Columbia, Lebanon, Bolivar, Osage Beach, the entire area is one of my favorites in the world. The people are "real" and the scenery is perfection.

  7. Thanks for sharing the picture and your day with us!
    Makes me miss my summers at the lake even more today. The Eagles are beautiful, what a way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Happy New Year!

  8. How delightful to see your presence at A Divas Hammer...!I want to enjoy your blog as often as possible as well...

    Your photos are so moving for me...I adore nature and just feel so inspired there!

  9. Such beautiful photos! And what a serene spot too.

    Many sweet blessings!

  10. Anonymous1:07 PM

    Ah, landscape reminiscent of KS. Hope you've had a good weekend. Is it back to school tomorrow for you? Is for me.
    Hugs ~

  11. Wow, I wish I could witness..your pictures will have to do for now. A few years ago I followed a live cam of a bald eagles nest..such beautiful creatures...lovely photos, even for an amateur :o)

    On my daily commute to Tampa for work, I cross a bridge where I get to see ospreys on the light poles eating their fresh fish catches & the pelicans always dive close to the bridge below for their catch & they love to just soar next to the road to catch the wind from the cars....it really makes you want to visit the beach more than go to work in the morning though!

  12. Anonymous3:22 PM

    Awesome photos of the eagles, and what a great thing to watch.

  13. Hi Terri and Bob...I see you guys all over the blogs and thought it was time to visit because I'm the grandma with the Toddler in the Movies calendar....I saw you on SusieQ's blog and thought I'd stop in so you have my blog link and you can weigh in on which month is the best phot...Hope you enjoy it and I hope you stop by often....SUe.

  14. What pretty pictures. Thank you for sharing. laurie

  15. Hi Terri!

    I just wanted to pop in and wish you a Happy New Year. I also wanted to say that your craft closet has inspired me! I am now looking around for a closet that I could do something like that to.

    Now, if only I didn't have so much junk...!!

  16. You really do have a talent for picture taking Terri...these are just beautiful! I love that lake...and as for surgery for eating...if you find one, let me know! Right now I'm just counting carbs...

  17. Anonymous7:00 PM

    I love the photos! We have Eagles that visit a nest near our home each winter! I love watching one of them hunt for food over the harbor in the morning! They are magnificent birds!

  18. Beautiful! The last few years we have had MANY more eagle sightings here in Jersey...it always takes my breath away!


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