This is it! My 400th post Giveaway! CLOSED!

When I started blogging in 2005, I never thought I would encourage others to blog, read regularly over 40 blogs and make hundreds of new friends all over the world. I never knew I could love a photo of a cow or find such love of God in such a young woman.

My first blog I ever visited was EE and there I learned about showing creativity and a love of writing and a sense of writing style on my blog. I learned about cooking and the love for a daughter and all things Cherry here and how to incorporate a theme into your blog!

Now I have family, Ashley, Susan, and Jeanne blogging and letting me follow their lives more closely since they have married and started families of their own.

Blogging has done so much for me over these posts!

Now for the giveaway!

The gifts are a Hugs and Kisses sign, Live Well plaque, Love Letter bath soak, a Valentine stretch bracelet, Valentine socks, a tiny puffy heart, Valentine gel window clings.

Here are the rules (there are always rules, aren't there!) 1. Read this post! 2. Let others know that they can get in on the fun! Leave a link at your blog to my blog and let me know, I will give you an extra entry. 3. I will also give you an extra entry if you refer someone to my blog and they mention your name. 4. Check back here to see who the lucky winner is on Friday! I will "redraw" if the winner does not notify me in 24 hours with their mailing address.

It's that easy!

This sweet little box of Valentine goodies could be on its way to you soon!

Thanks for helping me celebrate!

Terri Steffes
Terri Steffes

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