Nearing 400....

posts! I began this blog in December, 2006 to have a journal that I could write and share with my family my journey through this incredible opportunity called life. Who knew I would find so many friends here!

In celebration of friendship and blogging... I would like to have my first giveaway ever! I have chosen a few sweet Valentine momentos for your pleasure!

Here are the rules (there are always rules, aren't there!) 1. Keep watching my blog... and when I post that it is my 400th post, leave a comment here. 2. Let others know that they can get in on the fun! Leave a link at your blog to my blog and let me know. I will give you an extra entry. 3. I will also give you an extra entry if you refer someone to my blog and they mention your name. 4. Check back here to see if you have won 4 days after the event. I will "redraw" if the winner does not notify me in 24 hours with their mailing address. It's that easy!

Terri Steffes
Terri Steffes

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