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Frugal Luxuries #4

Did you get a green plant in your life last week?

This week, focus on the luxury of planning. Join Gayle at Grocery Cart Challenge and learn how she feeds her family of 6 on $60 a week. How is that a luxury for you? Let me tell you!

Imagine planning ahead each day what you will have for dinner. Imagine shopping once at Walmart and not having to face those crowds on a daily basis. Imagine coming in from work, with the crockpot of whole roasted chicken stuffed with herbs, baked potatoes in the microwave ready to cook, steamed broccoli cut and ready to cook with fresh orange slices (remember, they are in season now!) to nibble on at the end. All because you prepared a bit ahead, you can take off your shoes, watch a little Oprah and still feed your family a high quality meal!

Even if you do not want to plan an entire week of menus, plan one night where you can come home to the dinner already cooking away for you. It is better than eating out, and if you use a crock pot liner, the clean up is a breeze!

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