Tiger Stripe Ice Cream

I have waited for Ashley to post about this experience herself and I have given her long enough. When we joined the University Club, one of the first experiences we had was tasting the University's own ice cream called Tiger Stripe. It is a delicious concoction of french vanilla with a band of fudge that ripples through it like the stripes on a tiger. It instantly became Ashley's favorite ice cream.

From the time she was nine years old, Tiger Stripe became the dessert of choice every time we went to the U Club. She had Tiger Stripe served at her 16th birthday (at the U Club), at her 21st birthday (at the U Club) and at her rehearsal dinner (at the U Club!). She would hear of nothing else.

The other night when we were at the U Club watching Mizzou play in the bowl game, an older, very distinguished man came and sat behind our sofa. He leaned into the sofa, tapped Ashley on the shoulder and said, "how are you enjoying the ice cream?"

Ashley replied, "Oh, I love this ice cream. It is my favorite. I can't imagine coming here and not having it."

At this, the man says, "well, I developed this ice cream and I made it just for you."

Ashley turns to me, wide eyed and tells me the story. She is almost beside herself (think Suzy meeting Brian Dennehy kind of joy) and almost cannot speak. She tells Eric, she tells her dad and she tells me (again). On her iPhone she looks him up, and finds his name, Robert Marshall, and his wife's (Shirley) and about their grandkids and life in Columbia. She turns and talks with him throughout the rest of the game.

It was the neatest chance meeting!

Terri Steffes
Terri Steffes

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