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English Cottage Meets Bob Steffes, part 2

I didn't think I showed you a very good picture of the window with its new treatment of additional panels and the sign above it... It also shows you how close the chair is to the bed, after being pulled out some...

The chair pulled out a bit after Vee's suggestion... you were absolutely right about that. Did you see Bob's addition? He remembered our Longaberger basket with the floral lining, cleaned it out and placed it by the chair for his books. I think it looks great next to the silk roses.

Ashley thought the white mirror was out of place. This wreath is better, but Bob has never liked it. So it is a place holder until we find something that he will like better.

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  1. Oh I really do like that sign above the windows much better than above the bed...it really fits there perfectly. Everything just looks so cozy and you did it all in a day or so. Well, you're getting my gears cranking, Terri, and for that I thank you. Hope that you and Bob are very happy with all the great changes. What good decorating buddies you have in Blogdom!

  2. What if you put your cross there and add a different picture or something where the cross is now? I love the room.

  3. Wow! Looking good!
    On the sewing room nothing was purchased. I used items that she already had in her sewing room and a closet. My fee for the redo was $300 for the 4 hours.

  4. Hi Terri~ thanks ever so for all the support over at my 100th post! Do you know how special that is? Oh very! i am so thrilled that you took the time to really help us kick off the celebration(fingers crossed we meet our goal!)

    Looks like the space is coming together quite well...your wonderful collection of suggestions have proved most helpful!

    It seems very peaceful!

  5. Well ... I can't imagine how much fun you are having with this collaborative effort!

  6. Lookin' good!!!


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