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Some time ago Vee posted about a gift she received, a piano bench, which I have remembered and wanted to post about myself. My mother gave me this piano bench, which is a bittersweet thing for me, since this was the bench I used while learning to play the piano. I absolutely HATED PIANO LESSONS. So much were they hated that I forced my own daughter to take piano lessons for years (from 5-16) until she quit on her own. My mom was forced to take piano lessons, too, but as an adult she loved knowing how to play. That never happened to me and as far as I know, that never happened to Ashley, either.

However, you can see that this bench is a lovely piece and that it is from my childhood makes it even more special. I get the shivers every time I pass by it, though!

Terri Steffes
Terri Steffes

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