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An Inspired Post!

Some time ago Vee posted about a gift she received, a piano bench, which I have remembered and wanted to post about myself. My mother gave me this piano bench, which is a bittersweet thing for me, since this was the bench I used while learning to play the piano. I absolutely HATED PIANO LESSONS. So much were they hated that I forced my own daughter to take piano lessons for years (from 5-16) until she quit on her own. My mom was forced to take piano lessons, too, but as an adult she loved knowing how to play. That never happened to me and as far as I know, that never happened to Ashley, either.

However, you can see that this bench is a lovely piece and that it is from my childhood makes it even more special. I get the shivers every time I pass by it, though!

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  1. Nothing about my beautiful ice skates? That must be for another post. :)

  2. Well, as an educator, you can at least take comfort in knowing that your math skills were improved as were your daughter's.

    I took piano lessons for just six months...have never stopped playing. But I do wish that I had the technical skills as well as the playing by ear skills. I do read notes. I play with both hands, too. ;>

    My kids were forced to take lessons as well...they lasted three years. Only recently have they begun to show interest in having a piano, especially my son who knows how much fun his boys have at my house hitting those keys. I will never make the piano off limits as my grandmother did with hers.

    That is a great piano stool...and with a back...now I'm jealous!

  3. Very nice, I love having memories surrounding me too! I wish I could play...when I was young, my Mom wanted me to play the flute...I wanted Sax...neither of us won! I am talent-less! LOL

  4. I never practiced like Mom wanted me to, but I do like that I can play. I'm not the best, but I can do enough to have a little fun. I will probably make Janie take lessons too!

  5. 2003 Toyotta Corolla, "s" edition(whatever that means) Todds getting a new bumper put on it today (had some paint chipping) and once thats done I will post pictures.

    Heres a description I can give you:
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  6. What a great piano bench/stool! I agree with Vee...playing piano tunes/exercises the brain...that's probably my problem (I never took lessons, but always wanted to).
    Thanks for sharing.
    P.S. The patina on your stool is amazing!

  7. Tracey, I think that is called dust. :)

  8. That piano bench is gorgeous!

  9. The bench is really cool!! Why is that people take lessons don't play the piano. Dumb bunnies like me never took lessons but wish I had. I have the world's longest fingers I'd be a perfect piano player!

  10. What a beautiful piano seat! I begged to take piano lessons when I was a child, and I didn't like them either. laurie

  11. It's beautiful!


  12. Thanks for following my blog...I have placed you on my blog roll..of MUST READs!

    The pic you posted here is simply timeless..wow, Like a picture postcard...

    And I enjoyed reading your love filled memorable post!


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