Frugal Luxuries #1

Each Saturday I would like to post a way for us to find a fulfilling life, no matter how much money we have.

I was told about a book called Frugal Luxuries by Tracey McBride. It was published in 1997 by Bantam Books. I plan to share with you her ideas (and some of my own) on how to "enhance your life and comfort your soul" regardless of the status of your income!

You are the caretaker of your own happiness! What things make you happy? One luxury I have is our herb garden. Each winter I plan what herbs I want to plant, where I want them to go and how I will use them. This planning stage is the luxury of my herb garden, as is the eating of it in the summer! Here is a beginning stage of my herb garden planning...

Can you find a small piece of earth, even tucked in among your flowers, to plant one of your favorite herbs? Herbs love pots, too, and that would be a great start! My first herb garden was a giant terra cotta pot filled with basil, sage and thyme! It looks beautiful, and smells great and is so much fun to care for!!

Terri Steffes
Terri Steffes

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