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Hooked on Fridays: My STARR friends!

I am participating in Hooked on Houses' Hooked On Fridays series. I am Hooked on this set of friends whom I share a common experience with. We were all STARR teachers, Karlene, Wendy and I together from 1996-1998 and then Barb became a STARR teacher in 2000. She was with a different group but we "allow" her to join our group for dinner and drinks once a month. Wendy is an administrator in another school district and is finishing her doctorate this year. Karlene has been retired from education for a few years and Barb just retired last year. Karlene and Barb are busier than they ever were as teachers! We planned a trip to Branson in June to celebrate our friendship (over 10 years strong!) where we plan to eat, drink, shop, craft and tour all over town.

We are at Prison Brews, which I discussed in another post, enjoying handcrafted Honey Wheat beer and onion rings!

There is nothing like great girlfriends and I have been very blessed in that department.
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