English Cottage meets Bob Steffes!

While working on my master bedroom, I did take into account the things that Bob likes and dislikes, such as, he loves the bedroom color and did not want it changed even a smidgeon, so we are stuck with a slightly more drab color than I would like. Change is difficult for him, so all the other compromises he made is quite amazing!

Here are the results of our (my) efforts on Saturday. What a fun day! Bob was in St. Louis with Ashley for a LEGO competition (yep, that's right!) that his school participated in. He is a very hands on principal, attending many of the functions of his building... his latest adventure was to follow his robotics team to Arkansas to watch them compete. So with him out of the house, the decorating begins!

First, I was hoping to keep the costs down. So I did go through the house and attic to see what I could repurpose. I found art, books, and the David Winter cottages to use in the bedroom. I did buy a few new things, which I will note as I go along!

Becky K was the first to note that your eye stayed at the bottom half of the room, she called it being "bottom heavy" (not the first time I have heard that!) She, Judy, Sherrlyn, Tardevil and Pam all suggested having more and bigger art on the walls. That became a priority, as did calling my mom to get her small velvet Elvis for the room as suggested by EE. No go, so I guess my room will be lacking. :)

Cindy suggested the softer tone... adding ruffles to the bed and perhaps a lace canopy, like Helen did. So far it is the most difficult task yet. I am considering using an old lace tablecloth as some type of canopy. That is not completed yet but I am still looking. Because of the idea of the softer tone, I brought out my lace doilies, all made by my mother in law and placed a few here and there. Bob didn't argue too much about that, probably because his mom made them!

Brettinsky, Tardevil, and Sue suggested removing some furniture from the room. Sue suggested having either the chairs or the bench so the bench was removed as well as the ficus tree. Vada and Brettinsky suggested various ways to move the furniture: the desk was moved to the corner where the chair had been and the chair to the corner where the desk had been. The lines are cleaner and the space seems larger.

Judy, Pam and Kat suggested differences for the lamps. At this point I am starting to think more English cottage and that made me think of the darling lamps we always saw when we visited England... made of unusual items like statuary or teapots. However, lamps were at a premium, not a one on sale. So, I dressed up the lamps we have with ribbon. This seems to be a new (at least for me!) touch for lamps these days. I will admit that the bows were made with fabric v. ribbon, but this way I used what I had until I find lamps I like better.

Pat suggested exchanging the mattelasse with the plaid comforter as the main color on the bed. It was the original cover until I bought the plaid. Sue suggested the floral pillows which were difficult to find. I am planning on going to Joann's to see if I can find fabric to make floral pillows. I added the lace covers to the shams but they aren't too overwhelming for Bob. I think it glams up the bed. Bob refused to do a dust ruffle, one of the reasons he liked the bed was due to the wood frame. I added another throw that I already owned to provide another layer.

EVERYONE said that accessories are personal, so I found things I like and added them to the room, the photographs of family, the photo of the dogs, the statuary of the Westie and my cat, the David Winter cottages. For me this is the toughest thing to do. I don't know how to do the layering thing very well at all.

Suzy Q and my friend Gayle both suggested moving the sign over the window, which both Bob and I really like! It looks so much better than over the bed! It was too large for the space, which was pointed out, and I hadn't noticed!

My friend Barb suggested green plants, either silk or real in the room. Isn't it amazing what that does to a room?

I love the candle sconce over the bed. It creates a really romantic mood when lit. I am trying very hard to find something that will work with the candle sconce so I can keep it! I like these two cottage prints that we purchase on one of our trips to England... but they aren't really making the statement I want here. I think they will do until I find what I really want.

So far I am looking for a rug and lamps. I also told you I would tell you what I purchased: I purchased the green silk plant to the right of the bed, and a second set of berry colored panels for additional window treatments. Everything else was repurposed... the Monet print, the cottage prints...

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this room's "make over!" Even if you are not a decorator or designer, I think it is fun to give a little imput to see what comes of it. Your thought might lead to an "AHA!" moment! Please, leave a comment if you would tweak a thing or two... I would love to hear it~

Terri Steffes
Terri Steffes

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