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Introducing a new blogger friend!

I have the most wonderful opportunity to introduce to you a friend of mine who has recently joined the blogging community. Barb and I met through the old Gooseberry Patch chat line years ago. She started a chat site herself called Girlfriends Forever where I still visit to this day. Barb is from Florida and is an interior decorator. She has been married to a wonderful man for 29 years. Barb is a superb crafter and I know you will be seeing a lot of her work. Please go visit her at her blog and tell her I sent you! I know you will want to add her to your favorites list!

You can visit Barb here.

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  1. Thank you for sending me over to meet Barb. She has already created a beautiful blog in a very short time. The nerve of some folks! ;)

    Enjoy your snow day. As I was leaving my cozy bed this morning, I told my beloved that it was snowing. He said that in that case he'd see me tomorrow. Ha!

  2. Thanks for the link to Barb's blog. I've already visited and love it. I especially enjoyed her post on the craft room! Hope you're all staying warm and cozy.
    Good thoughts from Traceyxo

  3. I am anxious to go check out Barbs craft room-thanks for posting this. I love to look at people craft rooms!

    Are you going to join us tomorrow and post your valentines day decor?

  4. Oh I love Gooseberry Patch! I will go say hi to Barb.

  5. Terri, thank you...you are such a kind and generous friend. I can't wait to meet all you girls!


  6. Anonymous9:48 AM

    I hopped on over and said hello. I love the name of her home!


  7. You know we're always looking for new folks to talk to, Terri..thanks for the intro

  8. Well, Terri just come on over! The more, the merrier! There's always room for another! Come back by on Saturday and see pictures of the party and the guests and the DESSERTS!!!!
    Alisa - Carolina Panache

  9. I will definitely visit her! And thanks for visiting me! It is all appreciated.

  10. Anonymous2:33 PM

    Hi Terri...I'm going over when I leave here. I went a little early and got sidetracked.

    We got about 5 or six inches of snow with a little sleet mixed in. We went to get our hair cut in town and then on to Wentzville for provisions. The sun is shining. The roads were all great and the parking lots, too. How are you all doing today?

  11. Barb's blog is very pretty. Thanks for the intro.

  12. Oh, I love her blog! She's now on my reader list!


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